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02 April 2015 @ 11:00 am
Raven Cycle Fic Recs  
So it's all lauren3210's fault that I started reading this awesome YA fantasy series, and started shipping Adam/Ronan SO HARD! I've been trying to read fic in an effort to tide me over until the final book, which comes out in September! I've been promised kisses!!!

In the Warnings section of each entry I have different tags, so if you are looking for something specific (like "established relationship" for example) just ctrl+f and enter your tag and it should highlight the relevant entries!

♥ = favorite

updated: October 4, 2017

[Adam Parrish/Ronan Lynch]Adam/Ronan

Title: ignite our bones
Author: favicon pendules
Pairing: Adam/Ronan
Rating: R
Word Count: 1,136
Content/Warnings: established relationship
Summary: "So…that thing I just said," he starts as casually as possible.
"Don't worry about it. I assumed it was just the exhaustion. And, you know, the orgasm," Ronan deadpans, but he can see the corners of his mouth twitch like he's suppressing a smile.
Really lovely and sweet moment between Adam and Ronan. Quiet and sexy and lovely.

Title: Your Body is a Temple, and I Worship
Author: favicon apracticeinflummery
Pairing: Adam/Ronan
Rating: Hard R
Word Count: 1,178
Content/Warnings: established relationship, bottom!ronan
Summary: Adam could have been an angel sent to answer his prayers, or he could have been an angel sent to smite him. He was nearly inhuman in his beauty (his fierce and lovely face, his beautiful hands that knew exactly how to make him come undone).
Beautiful, lyrical fic, and super freaking hot!

Title: the closer i get
Author: favicon sevenxhells
Pairing: Adam/Ronan
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 1,408
Summary: They trailed along the plane of his shoulder and down his spine and he shuddered beneath them.
Adam's fingers.
Really lovely and sexy fic.

Title: Lose It
Author: favicon stubbornjerk
Pairing: Adam/Ronan
Rating: Hard R
Word Count: 1,409
Content/Warnings: established relationship, bottom!adam
Summary: “I can’t believe y’said that,” Adam whispered, eyes still closed. There was a small smile on his lips. Ronan pushed himself up to kiss it.
“I can’t believe you get turned on by romantic shit,” Ronan muttered in reply, kissing Adam’s jaw.
Gorgeous and super hot fic!

Title: Could you put a name to someone else's sigh
Author: favicon becka
Pairing: Adam/Ronan
Rating: Hard R
Word Count: 1,425
Summary: Sometimes Ronan dreams about sex. Sometimes he dreams about Adam. And sometimes he's worried that those dreams won't stay safely in his head.
Really beautifully written and sexy fic.

Title: Run Away With Me
Author: favicon noeon
Pairing: Adam/Ronan
Rating: R
Word Count: 1,570
Summary: When Ronan finds Adam in Cabeswater, he doesn't know whether to worry that it's real or a dream. Which would be worse?
Really beautiful, lyrical fic of Adam and Ronan coming together in a not-quite-a-dream.

Title: flames burned in our hearts
Author: littlelionvanz | favicon littlelionvanz
Pairing: Adam/Ronan
Rating: R
Word Count: 1,581
Content/Warnings: established relationship, first time, implied bottom!ronan
Summary: When he and Ronan started, no one came out of the bushes to hand Adam a pamphlet on what it exactly meant to be in a sexual relationship with another boy. The dos-and-don’ts if you will.
Cute fic with Ronan and Adam talking sex.

Title: Up Against the Wall Like
Author: favicon fictitiousregrets
Pairing: Adam/Ronan
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 1,614
Content/Warnings: established relationship, wall!sex
Summary: They have a list, and this is one of the things on it.
Super hot and sweet fic with Ronan and Adam fucking against a fence. :D

Title: Compass
Author: missdeviant | favicon missdeviant
Pairing: Adam/Ronan, Blue/Gansey, sort of Adam/Ronan/Blue/Gansey
Rating: PG-13 (rated M on AO3, but I think T is more appropriate)
Word Count: 1,747
Content/Warnings: exhibitionism, voyeurism, ritual, dub-con?
Summary: It was one thing to see the women of 300 Fox Way bare-breasted in a pagan rite. It was something else entirely to do the same with boys.
Adam's fingers.
Loved the dreamy quality here. Super hot and makes me desperate for more.

*NEW: 10/4*
Title: Confession
Author: favicon two_of_swords
Pairing: Adam/Ronan
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 1,781
Content/Warnings: established relationship, bottom!ronan
Summary: They should have waited to have sex until after Adam graduated. From college. He was never going to be able to focus again.
Super hot fic with Adam being unable to stop thinking about sex with Ronan and how much he wants it all the time. Fun and sexy and wonderful.

Title: Better Slow it Down
Author: favicon BeautifulSoup
Pairing: Adam/Ronan
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 2,006
Content/Warnings: established relationship, car!sex
Summary: Ronan was sprawled indolently across the seat, in blatant violation of seatbelt laws. Adam might have believed it was just standard Lynch belligerence if it hadn’t been for the very intentional way his foot had been grazing against Adam’s ankle for the past fifteen minutes, or the way he had been looking at him from under his eyelashes since he and Gansey had arrived at St Agnes, or the way he was biting his lip while giving him that look.
Seriously smoking hot fic with Adam and Ronan getting busy in the Pig while Gansey could come back at any minute. :D

Title: Hair
Author: favicon radikalsheek
Pairing: Adam/Ronan
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 2,007
Content/Warnings: established relationship
Summary: "Kind of a hairy situation," Adam said.
This was funny and sweet and I loved the little glimpse of their relationship we got here.

Title: Should've Put a
Author: favicon Uglysweater
Pairing: Adam/Ronan, background Blue/Gansey
Rating: Hard R
Word Count: 2,022
Content/Warnings: established relationship
Summary: It's been happening every few days for the past four months. Ronan wakes up, finds a ring on his left hand, and panics until he can hide it.
Such a lovely little future!fic. Really adored the boys here, especially Ronan.

Title: and it's worth it, it's divine
Author: favicon liquidsky
Pairing: Adam/Ronan
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 2,152
Content/Warnings: established relationship, first time, bottom!ronan
Summary: “I’m glad we tried again,” Adam tells him. He sounds sleepy. Ronan nods, forehead hitting Adam’s chin.
“Me too,” Ronan says around a yawn.
I loved this. Sweet and smoking hot.

Title: Unplanned
Author: favicon stubbornjerk
Pairing: Adam/Ronan
Rating: Hard R
Word Count: 2,237
Content/Warnings: established relationship, praise!kink, bottom!ronan
Summary: The thing about being Ronan Lynch is that no one expects you to do something good. The thing about dating Ronan Lynch is that Adam doesn't expect him to be romantic. Or: the two times that Ronan tried his experiment and the one time it actually worked.
This was lovely. Gorgeous and super hot.

Title: Should Have Known Better
Author: favicon liwellen
Pairing: Adam/Ronan
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 2,267
Content/Warnings: established relationship, bottom!ronan
Summary: “Don’t worry,” he heard Ronan say, “I’ll be very, very quiet.”
Oh this is just super hot, which a Ronan who is super loud during sex, and an Adam who definitely doesn't mind! Gansey and Noah mind a little bit, though... ;)

Title: The World is Wide (but you are its centre)
Author: favicon BeautifulSoup
Pairing: Adam/Ronan
Rating: R
Word Count: 2,415
Content/Warnings: established relationship, mild TRK spoilers
Summary: A snapshot during the days leading up to Adam's departure.
Lovey, short little ficlet showing a glimpse into Ronan and Adam's relationship before Adam leaves for college. The writing is beautiful and the emotion is perfect.

Title: dreamers electric
Author: favicon enjolraes
Pairing: Adam/Ronan
Rating: PG-13 (Rated M on AO3, but I think Teen is more accurate)
Word Count: 2,460
Content/Warnings: mild TRK spoilers
Summary: Ronan was laying on his stomach, feeling Adam's breath dancing on the back of his neck, his body a livewire as Adam traced the ink of his tattoo, those beautiful fucking fingers skating down his spine. He almost couldn't stand it, his heart was more alive than it had been in years.
Lovely post-The Raven King fic! The writing is beautiful and I really liked the thrumming, electric chemistry between Ronan and Adam.

Title: caught up in your heartstrings
Author: favicon pendules
Pairing: Adam/Ronan
Rating: R
Word Count: 2,562
Summary: In which Ronan is very distracting, Gansey is an oblivious idiot, and Adam is not freaking out at all. (Bonus: Blue abiding no bullshit and Noah being all-knowing.)
Lovely fic with Ronan and Adam hooking up and trying to figure out how to tell Gansey. Adam was especially well-characterized.

Title: let's start wildfires
Author: favicon ginnyweasleys
Pairing: Adam/Ronan
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 2,567
Summary: He felt rooted there, anchored to this moment, to this version of Ronan, this boy with a knife in his smile and a look in his eyes that could melt Adam's skin off.
The writing in this is gorgeous and I loved the build up to the kiss.

Title: in the soft of the early evening glow
Author: favicon redhoods
Pairing: Adam/Ronan
Rating: R
Word Count: 2,720
Content/Warnings: established relationship
Summary: When he had gone back to school in January, Ronan’s scalp had still been shaved. This is the longest Adam’s ever seen it, outside of pictures from before Niall Lynch’s death. He wonders if Ronan’s growing it out purposefully or if he simply hasn’t taken the time to trim it back down, then thinks that Ronan rarely does anything without a purpose.
Ronan runs a hand through his hair and more curls make themselves known. Want hits him then, hot and heavy, curling in his gut.
Lovely fic with Adam not being able to come home for entire semester, and when he comes back, Ronan's hair has grown out. Which, of course, he finds incredibly sexy. Sweet and hot little slice of life.

Title: Hotter Than the Sun, Sweeter Than Spring
Author: mousapelli | favicon mousapelli
Pairing: Adam/Ronan
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 2,726
Content/Warnings: established relationship, outdoor!sex
Summary: Out in the sun-warm grass of the Barns, everything is funny, and Ronan makes Adam wish that it would always be summer.
Gorgeous, sexy, summery fic. Loved it.

Title: Fight The Wind & Wait For You
Author: favicon hewhomustnotbejames
Pairing: Adam/Ronan
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 2,739
Content/Warnings: established relationship, bottom!ronan, rimming
Summary: Adam's back in town for his 21st birthday.
Pretty much just a super freaking hot PWP with ALL THE SEX.Title:</b> You Touch My Mind
Author: favicon aknightley
Pairing: Adam/Ronan
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 2,917
Content/Warnings: established relationship, rimming, implied bottom!ronan
Summary: Adam contemplates Ronan's tattoo. Spoilers for The Raven King.
Gorgeous and seriously smoking hot rimming and fingering fic. LOVE!

Title: as we fall we sing
Author: favicon asael
Pairing: Adam/Ronan
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 3,111
Content/Warnings: established relationship
Summary: Adam wants more, he’s only beginning to understand this aching hunger inside him for someone who will be willing to touch him, will want to touch him, will reach out when he doesn’t quite know what to do.
Really wonderfully written fic with a touch-starved Adam who is just fantastically characterized. Super hot, and just a lovely read.

*NEW: 10/4*
Title: His Holy God Damned Mouth
Author: favicon Leslie_Knope
Pairing: Adam/Ronan
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 3,717
Content/Warnings: established relationship, first time, bottom!ronan
Summary: Ronan is having trouble sleeping, and Adam…has an idea.
Oh UNF this was so fabulously hot! Great relationship between Ronan and Adam here.

Title: Paws and claws and kisses
Author: favicon magpie_fngrl
Pairing: Adam/Ronan
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 3,728
Summary: Pynch with kittens.
Pynch and kittens! Seriously too fucking cute.

Title: Body Count
Author: favicon Zee
Pairing: Adam/Ronan
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 3,766
Summary: AU where Adam doesn't leave after Ronan's dream body dies in front of him during BLLB.
Lovely little "missing scene" fic from the third fic. Hot fic and it felt very in character

Title: Preserving Minutes
Author: favicon geoblock
Pairing: Adam/Ronan
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 3,834
Content/Warnings: established relationship, bottom!ronan, recreational durg use, mind altering substance, stoned!sex
Summary: So Ronan (accidentally on purpose) dreams some devil's lettuce, and he and Adam get high. Obviously, sappy, drug-fueled sex ensues...
Lovely sexy fic with a wonderfully characterized Ronan, a really great dynamic between Ronan and Adam, and some super hot stoned sex! :)

Title: Hold Me Fast and Fear Me Not
Author: favicon Lady_Ganesh
Pairing: Adam/Ronan
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 3,983
Content/Warnings: established relationship, sex magic, minor plant!sex, bottom!ronan
Summary: Magiks such as these are not worked in the dark, one of the grimoires had said, but in the light maye the True Power be found.
There's a problem on the corpse road. Obviously, the solution is sex magic.
I do love me some sex magic and this was super hot.

Title: say my name and i'll lie in the sound
Author: favicon oftirnanog
Pairing: Adam/Ronan
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 4,002
Content/Warnings: established relationship, first time, bottom!ronan
Summary: It’s almost too much, Ronan splayed out in front of him, all hard lines and sharp angles, his fingers trailing up and down Adam’s ribs like he’s something to be treated with care, not fragile, but deserving of softness.
Really lovely and super hot fic with Ronan and Adam's first time.

Title: Boys on Fire Never Burn Out
Author: favicon mrsronweasley
Pairing: Adam/Ronan
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 4,173
Summary: Ronan's always Ronan. Even when he isn't.
Gorgeously written fic, and super sensual and sexy.

Title: The Numinous Intent
Author: favicon momebie
Pairing: Adam/Ronan
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 4,201
Content/Warnings: established relationship
Summary: For Adam and Ronan, fathers and poetry and love are heavy things, made more so by their necessity. But bodies, bodies are simple and can say twice as much.
Seriously beautiful fic. The writing is just gorgeous and I adore Adam in this one.

Title: hold my breath until the morning
Author: favicon seeingrightly
Pairing: Adam/Ronan
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 5,215
Content/Warnings: established relationship, TRK spoilers
Summary: Blue and Gansey sit close in the back seat, the Orphan Girl curled up so as not to disturb them, Chainsaw bundled in her arms, somewhat agitated. It's very quiet. Ronan's fingers twitch, but it doesn't feel right to turn on the music, especially his kind of music.
Adam puts his hand on top of Ronan's. There is a very, very brief moment where Ronan thinks he’s going to lose control of the car, and then he breathes, and he turns over his hand.
Super lovely post-TRK fic with Ronan and Adam sort of beginning to settle into each other. The writing is beautiful and I just adored all of Adam and Ronan's interactions.

Title: all the stars are coming out
Author: favicon asael
Pairing: Adam/Ronan
Rating: R
Word Count: 5,612
Content/Warnings: established relationship, bottom!adam
Summary: People normally give gifts on a birthday, and people normally receive them. It’s no one’s fault that Adam hasn’t done that since he was six years old, and isn’t sure how to react to it now.
Really lovely fic with Adam learning to become okay with receiving gifts and accepting that his friends love him. Really wonderful Adam characterization here. :D

Title: Expansion
Author: favicon gonergone
Pairing: Adam/Ronan
Rating: R (rated T on AO3, but I think M is more appropriate)
Word Count: 6,015
Summary: The thing was, Ronan had never actually thought that the thing with Adam was an actual thing.
Missing scenes around the events of the third book.
This is such a lovely fic. Gorgeous writing and a beautiful Ronan.

Title: Roses Between My Thighs
Author: favicon Jamesina
Pairing: Adam/Ronan
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 6,162
Content/Warnings: established relationship, bottom!ronan, first time
Summary: Four things that could have ruined them but didn't.
Beautifully written fic and a wonderful connection between Adam and Ronan.

Title: burning all the bridges
Author: favicon excelsors
Pairing: Adam/Ronan
Rating: Hard R
Word Count: 6,329
Content/Warnings: recreational drug use
Summary: “Are you high?”
He doesn’t mean it literally, he means it like he hears the other Aglionby boys say to their friends, as a placeholder for what the fuck is wrong with you, but Ronan simply turns over onto his stomach, stretching himself out across Gansey’s bed, one corner of his mouth lifting, followed by a matching eyebrow. Not the answer Adam is expecting.
Such a fantastic fic! Sexy and sensual with amazing characterization, and a little recreational smoking. Perfection.

Title: burning away from inside
Author: littlelionvanz | favicon littlelionvanz
Pairing: Adam/Ronan
Rating: R
Word Count: 6,408
Content/Warnings: forced proximity
Summary: Adam and Ronan get snowed in at the Barns for a few days and it's pretty much as disgustingly cheesy as you can imagine.
Really gorgeous fic that sort of chronicles Adam and Ronan getting together during a snowstorm. The tenses change a couple of times and the ending is a bit abrupt but it's honestly just so lovely, with a lot more depth to it than the summary gives it credit for.

Title: Not at All Casual Series (2 Fics)
Author: favicon pendules
Pairing: Adam/Ronan
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 7,192
Content/Warnings: established relationship
Summary: Adam and Ronan slowly learn about casual affection that isn't casual at all.
Really lovely series showing Adam and Ronan right in the beginning of their relationship, learning how to be with one another, how to give and accept affection. Great characterizations and the second fic is wonderfully hot.

Title: Safe With Me
Author: favicon sksai
Pairing: Adam/Ronan
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 7,863
Content/Warnings: established relationship, D/s, bondage, dom!adam, sub!ronan, bottom!ronan, belting
Summary: Ronan requests a unique birthday present. Adam delivers. They can't be sexy without being losers about it.
So smoking hot and I loved Adam and Ronan's relationship in this one.

Title: Adam Parrish and the Scientific Method
Author: favicon poorchoices
Pairing: Adam/Ronan
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 8,082
Content/Warnings: established relationship, bottom!ronan, first time
Summary: Adam explores his budding sexuality. Post-TRK.
Oh, this was lovely and so freaking hot! I loved logical Adam thinking about his physical attraction to Ronan and pushing it farther and farther. :D

Title: The Only Time I Miss You Is Every Single Day
Author: favicon Zee
Pairing: Adam/Ronan
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 9,469
Content/Warnings: breakup!fic, future!fic, bottom!ronan, outdoor!sex
Summary: After Adam and Ronan have gotten together and then broken up, Ronan visits Adam at college.
Lovely, bittersweet fic with Adam and Ronan having broken up in the past, and trying to make things work again. Great ending.

Title: Hold On to Me as We Go
Author: favicon basicallymonsters
Pairing: Adam/Ronan
Rating: R
Word Count: 10,646
Content/Warnings: established relationship, trk spoilers
Summary: Revised relationships come from the settling dust of unmaking, and Ronan and Adam try to find a balance between grief and joy, love and sex, friendship and occasional hand kissing. They navigate first times and promises and a feeling like magic - even when they're forest-less and wide awake.
Oh my goodness, this was lovely. Really wonderful characterization of Ronan and Adam, and the writing was beautiful. Super great watching them settle into their relationship after the events of TRK.

Title: Simmer Down and Pucker Up
Author: favicon mrsronweasley
Pairing: Adam/Ronan
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 11,000
Summary: He blinked and, behind the boat shoes and tan ankles, Adam's face grew into sharp focus.
He was looking straight at Ronan.
His eyes were round, shocked into complete stillness. His cheeks were pink. One hand curled around grass, and Ronan watched, with a slow dawning of awareness, the way Adam's knuckles grew white as he tightened his hold on the ground.
Cabeswater, Ronan realized. Cabeswater had taken his dream and shared it with the only other person who could ever be close enough to Cabeswater to see it.
Such a lovely, beautifully written fic. I loved Ronan so much in this, his confusion and pining, and then when he and Adam come together...smoking hot!

Title: The Evolution of Pynch Series (7 Fics)
Author: favicon sixappleseeds
Pairing: Adam/Ronan
Rating: R overall
Word Count: 11,952
Summary: Just after the events of THE DREAM THIEVES.
Wonderfully written and great pacing in this one.

*NEW: 5/13*
Title: move your feet from hot pavement (and into the grass)
Author: favicon CoraRochester
Pairing: Adam/Ronan
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 13,335
Content/Warnings: established relationship, bottom!ronan
Summary: Two evenings a week, Adam whiled away his lonesome hours at a mechanic shop specializing in foreign cars. He spent a few hours on easy freelance computer projects handed out by approving professors and professional contacts. Every other hour of the week was dedicated to classes, seminars, and school work, a schedule carefully carried out by hands that were used to maneuvering each grain of time in the hourglass with tweezers.
But, as uncomplicatedly as possible, the weekends were for Ronan.
Oh gosh, this fic was just lovely! Ronan and Adam's relationship was seriously wonderful here, and the sex was hot as hell. Fabulous read.

Title: Drive It Like you Stole It
Author: giddygeek | favicon Giddygeek
Pairing: Adam/Ronan
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 14,587
Summary: “He wants you,” Gansey said bluntly. Adam sucked in a breath, feeling the words in his whole body. “I’m not saying Cabeswater can do anything about that. But I think it’s important to wonder if it might.”
Oh this fic is so, so fabulous! Really amazing characterizations all around here, but Adam is especially wonderful. Loved the development of the relationship so much!

Title: You Will Always Be Enough
Author: favicon Becky_J_1022
Pairing: Adam/Ronan
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 14,851
Summary: Ronan can't dream and can't stay in the apartment, and Gansey sends Adam along with him to keep him out of trouble. Adam does not do a very good job.
Really beautifully written fic that goes sort of AU during the second book. Fabulous interactions between Adam and Ronan and the whole thing was hot as hell.

Title: Time Isn't Real (but you're a constant)
Author: favicon SpiritsFlame
Pairing: Adam/Ronan, Gansey/Blue
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 87,738
Content/Warnings: time travel, kind of established relationship, bottom!ronan, outdoor!sex
Summary: "Time is what prevents everything from happening at once." - Albert Einstein.
Adam wakes up in the future, learns a few things about himself, about time, and about his priorities. But mostly he just wishes that Time was doing it's job better.
Wow, there are no words to describe the amazingness of this fic! Seriously. The time travel aspect was really interesting and well done, and the whole plot in general is very engaging. The characterizations of all of the characters are seriously fantastic, but Ronan and Adam seriously shine. Really cool seeing the younger and older versions of Adam and Ronan and how they are the same and different. Definitely a must-read!

[Other Pairings]Other Pairings

Title: who's gonna ride your wild horses
Author: favicon darkrosaleen
Pairing: Gansey/Ronan, Declan/Ronan
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 2,586
Content/Warnings: sibling incest, light D/s, bottom!ronan, praise!kink
Summary: It didn’t seem fair that Declan was the one Ronan needed and Gansey was the one Ronan had.
Really gorgeous fic that does such a beautiful job with Ronan and showing where his head might be at with Declan and Gansey. Loved it.
Reckless Passionlauren3210 on April 2nd, 2015 06:06 pm (UTC)
Fic recs from you was absolutely the reason I made you read this series and MY PLAN WORKED MWAHAHAHAHAAA

*runs off to read them allllll*
wicked smut goddessgracerene on April 2nd, 2015 07:12 pm (UTC)
LOL! I seriously went through practically every single fic on AO3 after reading BLLB. The withdrawal was strong!
vanity whoremissdeviant on April 3rd, 2015 02:30 am (UTC)
Big thanks for the rec! (I have a trackback that pings me, even though I'm not on LJ at all these days.) I would agree that Compass is quite "T" - it initially was supposed to have some pretty racy shizz, but I never got around to writing it and never changed the rating. Alas!
wicked smut goddessgracerene on April 3rd, 2015 03:00 am (UTC)
You're very welcome! I really loved Compass!! :D
Josephine Stonejosephinestone on April 3rd, 2015 02:42 am (UTC)
**Spoilers Ahead**


Okay, I didn't see that one. Gansey/fucking everyone; I swear everyone is obsessed with him. :)

Looking up their names (because I suck as spelling) it seems a lot of people think that Ronan has a crush on Adam because of the whole money thing. I just read that has him being a good friend, because Ronan so has a crush on Gansey. But we know endgame is Blue/Gansey, so I can see wanting Adam/Ronan.

Once I picked up on that Ronan was gay and that Kavinsky was possibly in love with him (I mean it was obvious they were pretty obsessive of each other), I kept hoping they both would get their shit together. But of course not, they both had to keep going farther down the rabbit hole. It was probably the only time I was glad that a character died. AND she wrote it so well. The characters weren't all "yay, he's dead", but did try to save him from himself as much as they could.

God, I do not have time for another fandom, but I sooo would if I could.
wicked smut goddessgracerene on April 3rd, 2015 02:59 am (UTC)
You really didn't see the Adam/Ronan? TBH, I never thought at all that Ronan was into Gansey, I totally saw that as just a close friendship. I know from following Maggie on tumblr that she was actually writing it with the idea that Ronan definitely has a crush on Adam.

lauren3210 actually wrote a pretty awesome post on all the subtext in the first two books, and personally I thought it was super clear in the third, especially considering Adam actually mentions at one point that he knows Ronan is attracted to him. It probably helped that I went into the series vaguely knowing about the Ronan/Adam ship, so it made all subtle nuances easy to pick up.

But yes, this series is fabulous! I love her writing and the characters are just all so awesome!
Josephine Stonejosephinestone on April 3rd, 2015 03:11 am (UTC)
Have not read the third...I didn't realize the third was out. Facepalm. So that might change a lot in book three then.

I'm reading the post now...got to the part about people fighting about this. How could anyone NOT TELL that Ronan is gay? Doesn't Kavinsky FLAT OUT SAY IT? Like multiple times? Maybe I need to reread these...
wicked smut goddessgracerene on April 3rd, 2015 03:18 am (UTC)
LOL, the Adam/Ronan of it all becomes a lot more obvious in the third book, IMO. That's when I really started shipping them hardcore.

And yeah, Kavinski does all but use the actual word "gay", but apparently that wasn't enough for some people...
Josephine Stonejosephinestone on April 3rd, 2015 03:22 am (UTC)
Okay, finished the post. Most of them I'm not sure I call it more than friendship still.

BUT, the bookending thing; yes, that makes a lot of sense. I can't remember what I was thinking at the time that I read those last lines. If nothing else, it's definitely a hint for the next book. I think I'm going to check all those out from the library again along with the third one.

And Adam being bi would just make me love him more.
wicked smut goddessgracerene on April 3rd, 2015 03:25 am (UTC)
Yeah, I'd say maybe taken alone, the little hints wouldn't convince me, but when looked at with the context of that ending (which basically flat out says Ronan is into Adam) I think it adds weight to the little moment. Plus there are a ton of them in the third book.

Yes, you totally should! Let me know your thoughts on the third one when you finish, I love talking about this series! Adam being bi would be such a win!
Reckless Passionlauren3210 on April 4th, 2015 12:36 pm (UTC)
Jumping in real quick here, just to say that Maggie actually tweeted a link to my article in a response to someone asking about Adam/Ronan, although she did do it after the release of the third book, once it became a little clearer.

And man, I would bet my house that Adam is bi! LOL
emansil_12 on June 3rd, 2015 02:57 am (UTC)
Okay, just wanted to let you know. I just started the Raven Cycle by Maggie Steifvater. OMG, I got that angsty, itchy, nervous kind of feeling about 55 pages in. It's a sure sign that I'm going to be all over this fandom. (Which is rare for me, cause I usually don't fall for the other fandoms.)

I remembered you'd had some recs for it. I'm going to try to not read fic until I've finished the books, but OHGOD, I can tell it's going to be difficult! (Please tell me it's not going to end up disappointing me.:)
wicked smut goddessgracerene on June 3rd, 2015 05:58 am (UTC)
Ooo, yay! So exited you're reading these!

And, well, I can only speak for myself, but I definitely haven't been disappointed yet! TBH, I think all three of the books out so far are awesome, and I actually think they get better with each one you read. Partially because the characters just start to come more and more alive. I already want to reread the books, and I just finished them a few months ago. TBH, it had been awhile since I'd read a series that gripped me so much. I think I read all three books in less than two days, because I was so enthralled. :D

Let me know what you think when you've finished!
emansil_12 on June 4th, 2015 02:21 am (UTC)
I'm having to put the books aside for a bit as I'm betaing a fic that I need to concentrate on, but I'm itching to get back to them.

Have you read the Dark is Rising Series, especially the last two? The Grey King and Silver on the Trees? The legend of the Sleeping kIngs is those books. That was what first peaked my interest.

Then there was Noah coming in and saying he'd been dead for 7 years.

Then Declan telling "the girlfriend" that Ronan was the one that found their dad.

And then we get Barrington Whelk having been a student and now a teacher and that line "maybe Czerny death wasn't for nothing." Then I learn that Noah's last name is Czerny!!!

And holy fuck I'm hooked--hook, line and sinker.

It is Barrington's story that I most want to know, but I couldn't help but notice he's not listed a major character in ANY of the stories I find on AO3. I can only surmise that his part in the story comes to an end fairly early.

sorry too much rambling about things I know nothing, or very little about. Anyway, at this point I am very intrigued and that is so rare for me. I can read and enjoy other fandoms, but I've not felt anything close to passion about another fandom besides HP.

Edited at 2015-06-04 02:23 am (UTC)
wicked smut goddessgracerene on June 4th, 2015 10:18 am (UTC)
LOL, I was just like that! I had to drive several hours to my parent's house the weekend I started reading them, and the whole drive was torture!

Ooo, no, I've never read that series! I'd actually never heard of the legend before reading these books.

LOL, yeah, I totally didn't see the Noah thing coming! I think because the reveal felt pretty early in the book. Like, it seems that normally that kind of big reveal would happen further in, so I was sort of shocked it happened to early!

We def get more of Ronan's backstory. He features especially heavily in the 2nd book and is my absolute favorite character!

Yeah, he's def not as major as the main 5, but we do get more of Barrington's story.

LOL, feel free to ramble away! I love these books and def don't mind flailing about them! Oh, I'm so excited your reading them! I can't wait for you finish so I don't have to worry about spoiling things. :D