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Snowflake Challenge 2015: Day 13

Day 13: In your own space, talk about a creator. Show us why you think they are amazing.

Last year I wrote this post about firethesound.

This year, there are about a million people I could make this post about, but I'm going to go with dicta_contrion.

Where do I even start? She's only really started posting stuff for the last year or so, but holy cow she's just so talented!

The first thing I read by her was Potter’s Parselprostate (and the Chamber of Secrets) for dracotops_harry. I think it was the fest opener, or at least really early on, and I was just blown away by the hilarious premise made surprisingly not-cracky, the fabulous dialogue, the smoking hot dirty talk, and, my personal favorite, Draco literally fucking the parseltongue out of Harry. So great! I was so eager for reveals to find out who'd written this amazing thing.

I'd been vaguely aware of her before that on tumblr, because she posts awesome quotes from H/D fics. It's such a cool concept and a great way to get visibility to wonderful fics. Plus, it's always fun seeing what quotes she pulls out!

Then, for hp_silencio she wrote Rapture, which is, to date, the only 2nd person POV fic I have read and really loved. The writing here is fucking gorgeous. It's less than 2k but it's like your living in the words.

Recently, she was so super nice and offered to beta some things for me, and working with her on my writing has been such a good experience. She points out all these little things that I hadn't ever really thought of, but make so much sense, and she's been amazingly flexible in dealing with all the random non-H/D pairings I've thrown at her. The fact that she spends so much time helping me with my ventures into fanfic on top of her writing and reading and RL commitments is the actual greatest.

OH! And let's talk about her hd_erised fic, The Vanishing Department, shall we? Because OMG it's seriously AMAZING! I admit, I knew she had birdsofshore, and since birds and I have a lot of likes in common, I was really excited to see what she's come up with, and it was just fantastic. The whole concept of the Vanishing Department still makes me just vibrate with excitement, especially because it was so perfectly fleshed out and felt completely canon. Plus the connection between Draco and Harry is unreal and the sexual tension (and then sex!) is hot like burning.

Plus, I got to meet her in RL, and she was so wonderful! She's one of those people who's just as cool and clever and awesome in person as they seem online.

I just picked a few of my fav fics, but you can check out her AO3 for a complete masterlist of her fabulous writing!
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