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22 November 2032 @ 10:00 am
My Likes and Dislikes in Fanfic  
I read in a ton of fandoms, but this is mostly geared towards Harry Potter. Most of these likes are pretty general, but they hold most true for my OTPs (in HP's case Harry/Draco and James Sirius/Teddy). I'm a lot less particular when it comes to the other pairings I enjoy.

And, of course, this is just a list of my general preferences. For just about all of my "dislikes" I can think of fabulous exceptions. If you are making something for me, I can pretty much guarantee I'm going to love it! <3

Tons of thanks to birdsofshore, from whom I stole this format/organization of ideas.

For a more generalized cross-fandom list of likes/dislikes, you can go HERE.

For a list of unclaimed prompts that I've left for various Harry Potter fests, you can go HERE.

updated March 2016

[Pairings]Favourite Pairings:

Harry/Draco is my OTP and I love them to pieces
Teddy/James Sirius is my favorite after Harry/Draco. I love a BFF friendship between them that evolves into more. With all the mutual pining and but he’s practically my brother and what will our family say that goes along with it. :D
Slash Cross Gen (In general) I like this best when the older guy is a bit more dominant/predatory with a more innocent younger guy, or with a more seductive younger character with a guilty/reluctant but can’t resist older guy. Favorite pairings include: Harry/Sirius, Draco/Severus, Draco/Albus Severus or James Sirius, & Charlie/Teddy [The only Cross Gen pairing that really comes to mind as a no-go is Harry/Scorpius]
Any pairing that shows up on any of my recs lists: A few favorites are James Sirius/Albus Severus, James/Sirius, Harry/Ron, Albus/Gellert, & Charlie/Draco
Secondary Pairings: When it comes to secondary pairings, I generally prefer canon couples. I'm actually much pickier about my secondary pairings that I am about the primary pairings I read, especially for Harry. If he isn't in the main pairing, I really only want to see him with Draco (provided Draco isn't in the main pairing either) or Ginny.


Infidelity (especially between Harry/Draco, I'm more okay with them cheating on their wives to be together, but still not my favorite of things)
Major Character Death (this is a pretty hard no)
Child death (miscarriages, fics where a child has died, or fics dealing with the aftermath of child death)
Rape/non-con (especially between Harry and Draco)
Unhappy endings (though ambiguous is generally okay, especially if hopeful)
Harry with any woman other than Ginny (mentioned in passing/in the past is okay, but not as a large part of a fic or a main pairing, even a secondary pairing)
Harry/Scorpius or James Sirius/Scorpius (pretty much my two main NOTPs)

[Dislikes]Things I would rather not read:

Mpreg (doesn't usually grab me--I'm pretty particular--but I prefer preg!Harry)
Heavy angst (I don't find suffering/angst to be at all cathartic)
Polyamory (just more of a pairings person, also not a huge fan of threesomes w/ my OTP generally speaking)
Breakup!Fic (for some reason this trope just depresses me)
Kid!Fic (not generally a fan of kid-centric H/D fic or overly cute children)
Character bashing (especially Ron and Hermione bashing)
Wand Insertion (IDK what to call this one , but please don't stick wands up any orifices...)
Genderplay (fics that focus on gender/gender identity tend to be more complicated for me due to personal reasons, so if you're writing a fic for me, I'd probably recommend you avoid it unless you know me really well. I'm also not generally a fan of fics that feature either Harry or Draco as a cis girl.)
Draco with long hair (this one's a bit silly, I know)
2nd person POV (generally speaking. I've read a few I've enjoyed, but it's a harder sell)
Sexual Terms (a few specifics: not crazy about men calling each other their "bitch" in a sexual context, please don't refer to assholes as a man's pussy/cunt, please don't use the spelling cum)
Fics without sex (this one is more "in general")
• This last one is pretty Harry specific, but I really prefer when Harry has never been involved with or at least never been in love with another man, and, to a lesser extent any women other than Ginny. I don't know why, but Harry being in love with somebody other than Draco makes me feel kind of gross. Except for Ginny. I can handle him just fine with Ginny. Not as bothered by it in Draco's case.

Tropes that aren’t my favorite:

• amnesia!fic
• rentboy!fic
• big gay hogwarts
• down and out!draco
• de-aging
• match-making
• time travel

• body swap

[Likes]General likes:

• Witty dialogue and banter
• Getting-together fics
• PWP, long!fic, short!fic, plotty!fic (ALL THE FIC)
• UST (especially when eventually resolved)
• 8th year Hogwarts, Immediately Post-War, and Post-Hogwarts are my favorites. I prefer the boys somewhat younger, early-mid 20's
• I enjoy Epilogue Compliant as well, but the others are my preferred Eras
• Pining
• Tattoos and scars
• Glasses!Draco
• Leather Jacket!Harry (+ Sirius’ motorcycle...)
• Acknowledgment of Harry’s crappy childhood, how that affects him in life
• Draco being a little bit taller, Harry being a bit more muscular
• Wearing each other's clothing
• Clever/Bookish/Brainy Draco
• Competent/Intelligent Harry
• Unusual jobs when done believably
• I have a thing for wrists and throats, characters being drawn to them, wrists being pinned to a surface, hands splayed possessively over a throat, exposed necks and collarbones...
• Draco having a support system in his Slytherin friends. I really prefer when they are a bit suspicious/mistrusting of Harry & co. Not hostile, but I don't love when Draco's "people" seem to be better friends with Harry than with Draco.
• I love Ron and Hermione, together and separately. If not together, I prefer straight!Ron and I really love lesbian!Hermione or don’t-need-no-man!Hermione (lesbian!Ginny is also great)

Favorite Tropes:

Creature!Fic: Veela, Werewolves, Vampires, bring it on! Slight preference for Creature!Draco
Forced proximity: Confined spaces, shared bed, forced to work/room together
Bonding!fic: Forced, accidental, physical, mental, it's all good!
Sex for ~reasons~: Sex magic, sex compulsion, fuck or die, sex pollen
Quidditch!fic: With all the sexy uniforms, rivalries, and locker room/shower!sex

Technical Things:

3rd person POV is my preferred tense (I also like 1st person, but it can be a bit more hit or miss for me, 2nd person is my least favorite but, again, I've read some brilliant ones)
Past and Present Tense are equally wonderful
Linear timelines (I like non-linear when it's relatively straightforward. I don't enjoy feeling confused about when things are happening; I'm too much of a control freak)

Things I adore (mostly in smut):

• BDSM: D/s dynamics, spanking, paddling, blindfolds, handcuffs, collars, ropes, restraints, kneeling, orgasm denial
• Blow jobs, especially on knees. Also love a good face-fucking (in fic)
• Intercrural and intergluteal sex
• Arse play, rimming, fingering, especially after having sex or when slightly sore (from previously having sex)
• Biting/Marking
• Rough or angry sex
• Sleepy sex and somnophilia
• Tender and intense sex
• Sex in places that aren’t the bed (Shower sex, wall sex, table sex, desk sex...)
• a/b/o dynamics, including, but not limited to: knotting, heat cycles, claiming, mates, etc.
• Power play. Inequality (in the bedroom).
• Age disparity. Cross gen.
• Professor/student, boss/employee, other power play scenarios
• Basically I just really have a thing for scenarios where the characters shouldn't be having sex/want to have sex.
• Dub con. I really adore dub con. Especially when the one getting it ends up really desperate for it.
• Praise!kink and to some extent daddy!kink (I really don’t like daddy kink for H/D at all though, and I prefer a lighter hand when used in general)
• Uniforms: boots, leather, buttons, buckles, gloves
• Thin nightshirts
• Partially clothed sex
• Cross-dressing is hit-or-miss for me, but for some reason I love a bit of panty!kink

• First times. Inexperience. Clumsiness. Innocence. Awkwardness. Nervousness. Either both partners are nervous or one being more composed and experienced. (if it's H/D, I generally prefer Draco to be the more experienced one).

[Sex Roles]Topping/Bottoming:

• When it comes to H/D I don’t mind who does what, and my preference is for switching, either explicitly shown or implied. That being said, I do adore top!Draco, if I had to pick just one. When it comes to Cross Gen, I tend to prefer the older character topping.

BDSM roles:

I tend to enjoy stories with Draco as the Dom. I believe Draco's vulnerabilities and disenfranchisement after the War would make him naturally want to take the dominating role. Likewise, I see Harry finding great relief and satisfaction in letting go as a sub. I have a really difficult time buying Harry as a Dom lately, for a plethora of reasons, so if that's what you prefer to write, it's probably best to stay away from BDSM-type things for me. :) [italicized part belongs to birdsofshore because I could not have put it any better]
Mabmab on January 22nd, 2015 06:14 pm (UTC)
Fantastic! I love that people are doing these!

Perfect for when exchanges happen and to enable sneaky gift!ficcing!
wicked smut goddessgracerene on January 22nd, 2015 06:34 pm (UTC)
They are so much fun to put together and I really like reading people's lists! :D
anemonenanemonen on January 22nd, 2015 06:24 pm (UTC)
Awesome!! When I read other's lists I get all these "Oh, I should've included that" moments :P Love the list!
wicked smut goddessgracerene on January 22nd, 2015 06:29 pm (UTC)
LOL, same here! I've actually had this scheduled for a few days, and I've been adding in as people post things I never thought of! But that's the good thing about these lists, they are super easy to add to! :D
Reckless Passionlauren3210 on January 22nd, 2015 06:26 pm (UTC)
I FORGOT TO INCLUDE INFIDELITY IN MY LIST!! I feel exactly the same way as you about that, btw - I can take it if they're cheating on others to be with each other, but I'd still rather not, tbh.

And long hair!Draco too! I just can't see it; every time I try to picture it, it just becomes Lucius in my head and then things get very strange, lol!

LOVE your list! I may have to do a H/D specific list at some point too tbh!
wicked smut goddessgracerene on January 22nd, 2015 06:33 pm (UTC)
Luckily it's super easy to edit things into the lists! I'll probably be coming back and adding things as I think of them :D

Yes, that's pretty much exactly why I can't handle Draco with long hair. He just becomes Lucius...and I do not find him a sexually appealing character...

Haha I tried to make this list general, but it was too hard! And I figured most of the people who'd be interested in seeing git are probably HP people anyways.
cunning as a weevilfirethesound on January 22nd, 2015 07:21 pm (UTC)
Haha, your list prompted me to update a couple of things on mine. Also, I am super glad you chose to do this because of reasons. :D :D :D
wicked smut goddessgracerene on January 22nd, 2015 07:30 pm (UTC)
ooo, I do like reasons!

LOL, yeah, my list was definitely heavily influenced by yours! :D
candamiracandamira on January 22nd, 2015 08:51 pm (UTC)
Like the 'template' you used for your list. *snatches* Good to know where to find your likes / dislikes :-). This listthing is spreading like a meme, and it's very interesting to have all these insights into people's preference. I feel a bit voyeuristic here!
wicked smut goddessgracerene on January 22nd, 2015 09:09 pm (UTC)
Well I did post it as a challenge to my f-list for the Snowflake challenge, so I'm glad people are taking it up!

You should totally make your own, it's so much fun! :D
alisannealisanne on January 22nd, 2015 10:36 pm (UTC)
I have one of these but this is way better organized.
Maybe I'll redo mine... *steals ideas*
wicked smut goddessgracerene on January 22nd, 2015 10:42 pm (UTC)
Go for it! These things are definitely a bit hard to organize!

welcome to villa cariño!capitu on January 23rd, 2015 11:16 am (UTC)
I've been editing mine since, well, since I started it. And trying not to look at other people's because I don't want to copy and now I'm like DUH, but that's the whole point! Remember what you like and include it! LOL

You're definitely going to make mine look scruffy and messy. I love that. You're the Draco to my Harry. ;)

wicked smut goddessgracerene on January 23rd, 2015 03:50 pm (UTC)
LOL, exactly! I've been adding to it every time somebody posts one. :D
nia_kantorka: pic#124512164nia_kantorka on January 24th, 2015 10:04 pm (UTC)
Haha, I'm glad your list is a long one too. :D
wicked smut goddessgracerene on January 24th, 2015 10:32 pm (UTC)
LOL, yeah, there was no eay I was going to be able to keep it short...
Melissa Rose_melodic_ on January 22nd, 2016 06:20 pm (UTC)

Would you mind terribly if I friended you?

I am a big fan of your fictions, one of them specifically got me into Charlie/Draco, and it seems we have a lot in common as far as likes!

I've just started participating in fests/writing again this year and it would be nice to have more fandom lj friends!
wicked smut goddessgracerene on January 22nd, 2016 09:43 pm (UTC)
Of course! I recognize your name from around, and it's always nice to make new friends. I'll go ahead and add you back, if that's okay? :D