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HD Fanart Fest 2013 Favorites

hd_fanart's Art Fest 2013 finished posting last week and just unveiled the many talented artists that participated this year. Growing up I always wished for artistic ability, for the ability to bring the images into my head to life on paper. Alas, I have zero artistic talent and even my doodles look pathetic. So getting to see all the beautiful things the talented fandom artists come up with is a lot of fun for me, plus, this year, my prompt was selected, which was even more exciting.

A few of my absolute favorites are below, but I seriously suggest checking out this year's masterlist and looking at and commenting on all of the lovely pieces. The great thing about art is that it is so much quicker to consume than fanfic, but several are NSFW, so keep your surroundings in mind! ;)

Title: Lover
Artist: stellamoon
Media: Graphite on paper, digitally colored
Rating: R
Notes: TThe prompt I chose asked for a Sexy, content, loving mood; post-Hogwarts, EWE, in bed, showing such things as "love" "touch", "pillow" and "cuddling". I think I hit every single aspect - except maybe the pillow is a little hard to see. However, I'm sorry to say there might be a little more than just cuddling going on here.
unnfff, that shoulder bite! so hot!!

Title: Cold Comfort
Artist: The_artist_who_was_never_here_:)
Media: Digital
Rating: G
Summary: The prompt was open-ended and requested only "angst" and "one comforting the other" so this was the result. I hope you enjoy it, prompter! Also, I was never here and no one ever saw this. *shifty cough*
This is gorgeous. I love Harry's hair and his flowing scarf. And Draco's expression is perfect.

Title: Slytherin Homework
Artist: dysonrules
Media: Digital
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Draco offers to help Harry with some Charms homework in his Slytherin dorm room. As it turns out, Draco knows all sorts of interesting charms. And he has great handwriting. :D I hope you like it, lovely prompter! I might have got a bit carried away with the green... I blame Draco.
My prompt and the first time a prompt of mine has been turned into art...SO EXCITING! The quill and the handwritten tattoos, so gorgeous! And the green is perfect for the Slytherin dorms and looks good with their contrasting skin tones! Their posing is so hot! Love love love Draco's leg and their expressions are fantastic! So loving and sweet.

Title: May I have this Dance?
Artist: isinuyasha
Media: Photoshop CS3
Rating: PG
Summary: Draco and Harry dancing under the stars.
I love the differences in their dress, Harry in a muggle tux and Draco in wizarding robes. I love the light shining on them and the little light bursts around them. And the hint of the starry sky, so romantic them dancing outside together! And their faces and expressions are so beautiful!

Title: At the End of All Our Games
Artist: naadi
Media: Photoshop
Rating: PG-13
Notes: infidelity, hd fanart art fest 2013
Summary: 1920's Muggle styles are all the rage post-war. The Malfoys throw a 1920's party to celebrate the restoration of Malfoy Manor and their liberation from all that nasty Dark Lord business. Who better to invite than the hero responsible, Harry Potter, and his new fiancée. In fact, Draco insists on it. ;-)
This is cool! I love the 20's style outfits and the division into 3 gilded frames. And LOVE the Harry/Draco kiss in darkened hallway in the first one! And Ginny in the second frame, her expression is so perfect and her outfit is awesome!

Title: In My Veins
Artist: phoenixacid
Media: Pencil
Rating: G
Notes: tattoos, hd fanart art fest 2013
Summary: The dragon had been lying curled against the bloke’s shoulder blade when Draco sat down on the stool at the bar. The bloke was well-involved in a conversation facing away from Draco, and it let him look for a moment at the ink.
Harry's back and shoulder is so well done, the tatoo interpretation is amazing, and I am seriously impressed with the hands...hand are so hard to get right! Inspired from an excerpt from the lovely fic Draconis Affectionitis by tryslora.

Tags: fandom: harry potter, fest: hd_fanart, pairing: draco/harry, rec: art

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