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March Teen Wolf Recs

I read so few Sterek fics this month, it was a little sad. I think the combination of my vacation, lower fic output (especially quality stuff), and a dwindling interest in my part is to blame. I don't think it's so much that my love of the characters is diminishing, but the issues with canon, Hoechlin no longer bing a season regular, and just the fact that I've been trying to write a bit more, means TW is getting pushed more and more to the side. We'll see if the start of season 5 will revitalize things a bit. IN the meantime I have a ton of fics marked for later on ao3 to get reading!

Title: Lay Your Head Down (I Won't Let The Boogeyman Come)
Author: _tabris | favicon tabris
Pairing(s): Stiles/Derek
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 3,140
Warnings: established relationship, somnophilia, bottom!stiles, biting, marking, scenting, rough sex
Summary: "I've kind of. Had this fantasy," Stiles says in a stumbling rush. "And seeing as this may be my last week ever in this room. Kind of a now or never thing. So. Um."
Derek drags his nose up the back of Stiles' neck, pulling him closer to his chest as he makes a questioning sound.
Stiles takes a deep breath and holds it for a moment, then blurts out, "I just really want you to sneak in, pin me down, and start fucking me so when I wake up I can't do anything but lie there take it."
God this was such a crazy hot somnophilia fic!

Title: Fair Game
Author: favicon blacktofade
Pairing(s): Stiles/Derek
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 6,183
Warnings: AU: Human, boss/employee relationship, intercrural sex, implied bottom!stiles
Summary: It's all fun and games until someone has to pee. AKA: the one where Derek meets Stiles in a club and it's going great until Stiles disappears into a bathroom stall and leaves him to fret.
Great fic with some good old fashioned miscommunication leading to lovely pining and then some hot sex! :D

Title: airplanes (part 5 of the Domestic Series )
Author: thepsychicclam | favicon thepsychicclam
Pairing(s): Stiles/Derek, background Allison/Scott, Melissa/Sheriff, Isaac/OFC
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 31,384
Content/Warnings: established relationship, kid!fic, switching, bottom!stiles, bottom!derek, rimming, dad!derek, dad!stiles, sex toys, phone sex, road head
Summary: Stiles gets offered a research opportunity that requires him to travel for weeks at a time. To say that they're not dealing with it very well may be a huge understatement. But Derek's trying to be a supportive husband while keeping his two kids from driving him insane.
Great update to the wonderful domestic series. Stiles and Derek's relationship is wonderful in this, even as they try to navigate the difficulty of being apart for so long while Derek cares for the kids. Plus lots of wonderful sex, especially for the bottom Derek fans. :D
Tags: fandom: teen wolf, pairing type: slash, pairing: stiles/derek, rec: fic

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