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Fic: New Beginnings (Jason/Percy, G)

Title: New Beginnings
Author: gracerene
Fandom: Heroes of Olympus (Percy Jackson and the Olympians)
Pairing: Percy/Jason, past Percy/Annabeth and Jason/Piper
Rating: G (pre-slash)
Word Count: 677
Summary: Spring is a time for new beginnings.
Notes: Repost of my tumblr ficlet written for razielim's Jercy Challenge. Written in an hour and unbeta'd except for a couple of read throughs by yours truly, so pardon any errors.

Read on AO3

"You okay, bro?" Jason asked, as he plopped down next to Percy on the grass.

Percy sighed as he tried to think of a response that wouldn't make Jason worry and that also wasn't a total lie. He didn't think there was one. He continued picking the the bright green grass between his spread legs, and tried to focus on the light, cool breeze sliding over his face, on the crisp, spring air filling his lungs, on the hazy warmth of the sun heating his skin. Unfortunately, his ADHD tendencies didn't lend themselves well to focus, and his mind was continuously dragged back into the maelstrom of his complicated emotions. For a mutual and fairly amicable break-up, the intensity of his feelings surprised him. But he'd been with Annabeth for so long and she was one of his best friends. No matter how right he knew their decision was, it still ached.

He looked over at Jason, who was sitting peacefully next to him. His golden hair gleamed in the sunlight, and Percy was overcome with a surge of gratefulness for Jason's unwavering loyalty. The past few weeks had been difficult; all of Percy's friends were friends with Annabeth as well, and none of them seemed to really know how to act around him in the wake of the breakup. Jason was the only one who’d managed to just be there for Percy, who didn't feel the need to fill the silences with painful chatter about feelings and the future. Maybe because he'd gone through something similar with Piper just a few months earlier. He understood the value of peace and quiet.

Unexpectedly, Percy was struck with the ridiculous urge to smile, and he leaned over to give Jason's shoulder a friendly nudge. The movement brought his whole body closer to Jason, and he could feel the heat radiating off of him where their sides just barely brushed together. Out of the corner of his eye, he could see a small smile dance across Jason's lips. Percy's stomach fluttered pleasantly at the sight.

"Thanks, dude," Percy muttered, feeling ridiculous as he felt his cheeks inexplicably flush.

"Anytime. For some reason I actually enjoy hanging out with you, and it's way more fun when you're not brooding."

"I'm not brooding. Whatever that means..."

Jason laughed, and the deep, rumbling sound chased away a bit more of the gloom surrounding Percy. Jason sounded so happy and carefree, and Percy wondered if he would bounce back so quickly. Thinking about it, Percy realized that it was probably more likely than he'd been fearing. Just sitting here with Jason had already made things seem so much brighter, and he didn't think it would be too long before the weight of his breakup up was lifted. Part of him felt guilty, like he shouldn't be able to let Annabeth go so easily, but deep down, he knew it only proved that they'd been right to end things.

His introspection was interrupted by Jason's low, steady voice. He looked thoughtful, as if he’d been trying to think of exactly the right words to say. "Not to get all mushy or anything, dude, but I know we both have a habit of trying to handle things all on our own. When Pipes and I split up, you didn't let me get bogged down in my emotional shit, and I'm not gonna let you do that, either."

"Aww, Grace, I didn't know you cared," Percy cooed, instinctively hiding behind mocking words to mask the uncomfortable warmth spreading through him at Jason's comment.

"Of course I do." Jason looked so damn earnest and sincere that Percy fought down his instinct to make light of the quiet declaration. He flashed Jason a tremulous smile, not sure why Jason's mere presence and words of friendship made him feel so shaky and off-kilter.

"Yeah," Percy murmured, as he bumped his shoulder against Jason's once more, before looking forward at the grass swaying gently in the breeze. "Yeah, me too."
Tags: fandom: percy jackson, my fanfic, pairing: jason/percy, rating: g

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