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17 December 2013 @ 09:30 am
Weekend "Comment-A-Thon"  
writcraft is having a "Comment-A-Thon" this weekend and everybody should go and participate! It is a super awesome idea :)


Of course, this would happen on my busiest weekend in December! My best friend is visiting from across the country, so I don't know how much reading I will be doing...but now I have to do some...what a hardship... ;)

Username: gracerene
Number of comments I plan to leave: My goal is to leave a comment on every fic I read :)
Personal Goal: I think I have two longer fics bookmarked from hd_erised to catch up with and I am sure there will be another longer fic or two that they post before the week is up! And I would like to catch up on the hd_owlpost offerings, but there are just so many!
I'm following: Honestly, probably far too many...favicondaily_deviant's Kinky Kristmas, hd_erised, hd_owlpost, mini_fest , hpholiday, teenwolf_bb, favicon teen wolf holiday exchange, and several advent fics
Current Mood: coldcold
Current Music: The Hobbit Soundtrack
welcome to villa cariño!capitu on December 17th, 2013 10:36 pm (UTC)
This is going to be the most random question, but how do you make the icon to insanejournal show? I've been trying! lol
wicked smut goddessgracerene on December 17th, 2013 10:48 pm (UTC)
Haha I actually asked somebody else the same thing! It's kind of complicated, but I do a similar thing with Ao3 authors and I like the look better than hyperlinks. :) Below is the code for the icon linked to the user's profile and the name of the user linked to their main page.

-span style="font-weight: bold;">-/span>-a href="http://asylums.insanejournal.com/USERNAME/profile" rel="nofollow">-img alt="favicon" border="0" src="http://www.insanejournal.com/favicon.ico" />-/a>-a href="http://asylums.insanejournal.com/USERNAME" rel="nofollow">-strong>USERNAME-/strong>-/a>

just replace all the "-" with "<"

Hope that works!
welcome to villa cariño!capitu on December 18th, 2013 12:05 pm (UTC)
*Nods* I discovered the AO3 thingy but I couldn't find the same for insanejournal.

Did you know that dreamwith has this cool stuff ready to post? Like, if you cross-post the links already come this way. I wish lj had nifty stuff like this.

But this helps so so much, yes, that's what I was talking about. :D Thank you!