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I know most of ya'll are my HP frens and aren't into The Hobbit/LotR fanfic, BUT, I need to keep spreading the love for this fanfic because it is still one of the most amazing things I have ever read.

I've posted about Sansûkh before, the 375k+ teen-rated WIP Thilbo/Gigolas fanfic that I adore to pieces. It's seriously awesome, and the author is lovely over on tumblr, and she updates pretty much at least once a month with a fairly lengthy chapter, so the WIPness doesn't even bother me. [you can read my earlier post, where I flail in greater detail, here]

This post, though, is just to pimp the fact that there is a massive podfic collaboration effort going on right now, and it's awesome. The first chapter is now up, and the quality is pretty freaking great. So for those of you who might be more interested in listening, than in reading, that is now an option! I think they're also still accepting auditions for some of the later roles, if any of you podficcers on my list might want to get involved. :D
Tags: fandom: lord of the rings, fandom: the hobbit, pairing: bilbo/thorin, pairing: gimli/legolas, rec: fic, rec: podfic

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