wicked smut goddess (gracerene) wrote,
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Orange is the New Black Feels

I know I'm a few months late, but the roomie and I had a few other shows to finish before we could jump in. But we finally finished, and I have feeeeels. I really love this shows, NGL.

• Loving the Boo & Pensatucky friendship

• Stella can fucking get it

• Poussey is fucking adorable


• Leann's backstory was really awesome/sad, but her turning super mean made me v angry

• Nicki leaving made me very sad

• The Norma cult was weird

• I love that Tastee is so into HP, I wonder how she'd feel about fanfic. Especially considering how well Suzanne's erotica was received!

• Morello getting her new beau to beat up Christopher! And then marriage! And then vending machine sex.

• I STG that the big company MCC that takes over the prison reminds me of home. (AKA my work)

• Rosa cameo!

• Weirdly digging the Caputo/Fig hate!sex

• I love how fleshed out all of the characters are. Like, Leanne is mega-mean to SoSo, but we get to see her backstory and see her kindness in other aspects of her life. And Healy has some mega-issue with race and sexuality, but then he's super decent to Red. IDK, it's nice seeing actual 3-dimensional characters. People aren't ALL bad, there's almost always good, and I like how they make all the characters in some way sympathetic

• Also, I just adore all the female friendships. I basically squeal with delight anytime adorable BFFs are on screen, which is like, every other scene

Any of ya'll OitNB fans? Thoughts on the most recent season? Fav characters? Least fav characters? Things you are looking forward to in the next season?
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