April 1st, 2014


Not in My Hands

So many fandomy things! April is going to be a fantastic month, I can tell!

First, how did I forget that dracotops_harry is posting today!?!? The first submission just posted and it looks fantastic- I know what I'll be reading on my lunch break!

Second, hpfanficfanpoll opened up nominations. I am already trying to put together nominations for Drarry (obviously) and Next Gen and probably Marauders Era. It's so hard trying to choose only ONE fic for some of the categories, but it';s a lot of fun. I highly recommend everybody go leave nominations and show appreciation for your favorite fics!

Third, hp_drizzle opened up for prompting yesterday! It's an open-pairing fest, with a 10-prompt maximum. So go leave your weather-based prompts!

Finally, claiming has opened for hp_kinkfest and hpholiday's Fantastic Men and Where to Find Them fest.

In completely unrelated news, I went to the gym before work and forgot to bring actual pants to change into, so I am wearing my workout pants at work, which is excellent. I also started my period and have cramps like a mother-fucker, so I am going to retreat into fandom where I read about boys w/ boys who don't have to deal with this shit.

March HP Recs

Second post of the day (I feel like I have been posting so much lately!), but I wanted to get this posted since March is officially over. Had a lot of free time to read in March and I ended up reading several older, longer fics that I have had bookmarked for forever. So, I've got quite the mix here, of older and newer fics, of drarry and other pairings, of fest and non-fest works, etc. I'm so beyond excited for the next few months, I feel like there are a lot of exciting things coming up in the Harry Potter fandom!

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