October 2nd, 2014


Rectober #1: Harry Potter Recs

So I am planning on posting recs from several different fandoms for Rectober, but I thought it would be fitting to have Harry Potter be the fandom of choice for my first post.

I actually read a good amount of non-fest HP fic this past month! Almost all of it H/D, and most of it new (though one older series managed to sneak in here). I've actually got a pretty sizable list of H/D fics that I read ages ago and I remember liking, but I need to re-read before I can officially rec. But It's hard to work my way through the list when so many fabulously shiny new things are being written every day!

I imagine most of this next month's reading will consist of the lovely submissions over at hd_fan_fair's Career Fair, not to mention samhain_smut, hp_creatures, sirius_black Appreciation Day on the 31st, and the final postings at hp_silencio.

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