July 28th, 2015

HP: Glasses!Draco

For firethesound: Practice (Draco/Harry, NC-17)

Title: Practice
Author: gracerene
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Draco/Harry
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: ~1,400
Content/Warnings: established relationship, shower!sex, fingering, anal sex, rimming
Summary: Round two is just practice.
Notes: Happy Birthday, firethesound! I was planning on posting this on your actual birthday, but apparently you will be out having a marvelous beachy time with limited internet access, so I thought I'd post a bit early. :D This was one of the earlier ficlets I started working on, but I wrote it with you in mind, so I decided to wait until your birthday to post it. At the time, you had recently posted some of your likes/dislikes, and while I was going through it, I became a bit inspired, and I knew I wanted to do something for you. Plus you have always been so lovely to me, and you wrote me an awesome birthday ficlet last year. I hope you like this, hon, and I hope you have a wonderful day and an awesome vacation! <3

Thanks to capitu, lauren3210, and dicta_contrion for looking this over for me! I played around with it a bit since, so all remaining mistakes are my own.

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