August 5th, 2015


HP Porn-a-Thon?

I had a question for ya'll, especially for those of you on my f-list who have been around for awhile.

Do you know if the HP fandom ever had a porn-a-thon challenge? Like mating_games for Teen Wolf or summerpornathon for Merlin?

I want to say no, but I could be totally wrong. I know there is the Humpathon by hp_humpdrabbles, but I think that's more like a comment-meme type thing, yes? Also, I think it might be all het. I can't find anything that actually says that, but I don't see anything other than het, so...

Basically, it's a multi-pairing, multi-week challenge, where people sign up and get put onto teams *cough*hogwarts houses*cough*, and then each week there is a challenge (like a prompt/word/picture etc.) and then everybody has a week-ish to draw/write something under 1k I think, and it has to be smutty or at least suggestive. You get points for your team for completing the challenge, and then all the entries are divided, and people vote for their favorites. And the winners get extra points for their team.

It honestly seems super fun, and it seems like HP, with its large variety of pairings, would be an awesome fandom for that kind of a challenge. But IDK if these days we'd really get the participation needed to make it work. :/

Just some ~thoughts~. Merlin is having their summerpornathon right now, and I seriously considered participating, but I figured I had enough going on with adding that to the pile. But I've been voting and watching and it really does seem like a blast.