August 12th, 2015

HP: Quibbler (Luna)


So many exciting things happening right now, I just had to do some pimping! :D

Banner by capitu.

Prompting has just opened at mini_fest...a fun and easy Holiday fest for the Harry Potter fandom! I personally like to use this fest to pimp my fav non-H/D pairings (since hd_owlpost and hd_erised more than cover me there) but for you hardcore drarry shippers, you're more than welcome to prompt H/D as well!

Art by iwao, Banner by capitu

Just a couple more days to leave your glorious Next Gen prompts at hp_nextgen_fest. Then claiming will open on the 17th! :D


Claiming is still open for a few more days at hp_adoptaprompt! All sorts of cool things to chose from, and the word count minimum is only 500 words!

And finally, BBTP is back for 2015. Write something smutty (any pairing, any fandom!), and post it on September 1st! :D