November 8th, 2015

HP: Albus

In case you missed it...

Posting has started over at hp_nextgen_fest!

The round-up for week one has just gone up, so now would be an excellent time to look through and catch up on all of this week's amazing submissions! We've got gen, we've got het, we've got femslash, and cross gen, and sibcest, and basically just a lot of awesome.

It's been going super great so far, and we've been getting a decent amount of love and support and it makes me really happy to see everybody else loving Next Gen as much as me! <3

We've still got two more weeks of posting, and I am so very excited to share all of the rest of these wonderful works with you all! Come join us in celebrating the fabulous Next Gen characters, and don't forget to leave some love for the amazing creators!

Art by 8c, Banner by capitu