December 4th, 2015

HP: Weasley is Our King

Some Comment Meme Recs

I've been having so much fun playing around on the comment memes over at charlieficathon and daily_deviant, and I thought I share a few of my favs so far. Totally recommend that everybody look through the comments though, for more awesome goodies! The drabbles and ficlets are all super quick reads and really wonderful! :D

FIC: Gift of a Quickie (Ron/Lily Luna, NC-17) by tryslora

Um, smoking hot uncle/niece with sneaking away during a family Christmas party and het anal. Yes, please! I'm quickly become obsessed with this pairing, and this was fantastic.

FIC: All That He Wants (Charlie/Harry, NC-17) by llaeyro (and there's a prequel fill!)

Super hot fic with Harry married off to Ginny, but still not getting what he needs. So he comes over to his old lover's house, and Charlie gives it to him. :D

FIC: Fill (Charlie/Teddy + Charlie/Tonks, R) by torino10154

So much hotness and dirtywrong feels in 100 words!

ART: Just Desserts (Sirius/Dudley, NC-17) by akatnamedeaster

SUCH an unusual pairing, but so awesomely clever and beautifully drawn. Love the creative use of the video game controller. :D