September 7th, 2016

Hell is Empty

on imzy: a failed attempt at a neutral review

I've joined, and my "community" (aka personal journal) can be found HERE. I have tons of codes, so if anybody is interested, let me know! I might like it more if more people I knew were using it. Possibly. not sold yet. Yes, the UI is sleeker than LJ, but it really isn't everything people keep touting it to be. I get that it is currently in beta, but it is seriously lacking functionality. It seems like a prettier and significantly less useful version of livejournal. I'm a little confused by people saying it's a combination of tumblr and livejournal, because there doesn't seem to be much of tumblr in it, in my opinion. It seems much more like livejournal, with less functionality and it's A LOT less intuitive...which makes me wonder why people are supposedly flocking there instead of coming to livejournal. Not that I'm bitter. But I swear to fucking god if I have to hear one more time about how LJ is dead when I have 30+ posts a day from my flist, I will fucking cut a bitch. I just...most of the complaints I hear from people about LJ have not at all been my experience with it, so I cannot relate. Obviously their experiences are their experiences, but people bitch about LJ having a terrible interface etc. hard to connect blahblahblah, when they've never posted and haven't made any effort to customize their blog. Yes, sorry, LJ does require more effort than simply creating an empty account and then expecting shit to just drop into your lap. AKneiowfnva;klsVN! /rant

Anyway, I'm not giving up on Imzy, because if it's the ~new thing~ I'll want to be on board, but I'm skeptical that the fairly large scale changes in usability will happen quick enough for it to actually happen. There are a few cool things about Imzy, such as the ability to participate without creating a journal, but they're sort of low on the necessary scale, IMO. Honestly, I'm a little disappointed by the hype, not only because I haven't seen much to merit it (other than a clean UI) but because it feels like fandom is trying to force imzy to be something that LJ could more easily be, but they refuse to even consider LJ as an option. Which maybe makes me seem old or crochety or something, but livejournal works for me. *shrug*

[A tip for those who decide to join Imzy. It's not enough to simply join. In order to create a journal for people to add, you have to manually create a personal journal (which imzy calls a community, totally off-putting, but it's a personal journal, promise). Once you've done that, people can join, but they will be anonymous until they comment on a post on the community. So create a post for people to comment on, and when you add a friend/join a community, comment on a post so you can be recognized!]