May 8th, 2018


My Top 25 All Time Favorite Fics - Multi-Fandom

I got an ask on tumblr recently asking about my number one all time favorite fic. Which is pretty much an impossible ask. I recently posted an updated version of my Top 25 Favorite Drarry Fics (though I'm sure I left off some key ones...) so I figured the ask would be a good opportunity to refresh my all-fandom Top 25 list. This one has no Harry/Draco fics, as I already demonstrated my inability to narrow my favorites down to anything less than 25...

Grace’s Top 25 ALL TIME FAVORITE Fics

  1. All for the Game: Lessons Series by crazy_like_a  (Andrew/Neil, 192k)
  2. Dresden Files: The Matter of Chicago Series by LuciaZephyr (Harry/John, 150k)
  3. Harry Potter: Blame it on the Moon Series by [personal profile] shiftylinguini  (James/Teddy, 31k)
  4. Harry Potter: Unguarded Series by [personal profile] birdsofshore  (Albus/Draco | 38k | NC-17)
  5. The Hobbit: The Riven Crown by The_Kingmaker  (Bilbo/Thorin, 254k)
  6. The Hobbit/LotR: Sansûkh by determamfidd (Bilbo/Thorin & Gimli/Legolas, 533k WIP)
  7. Inception: Pet byLadyVader (Arthur/Eames, 100k)
  8. Kingsman: Recuperandae Series by DistractionReaction (Eggsy/Harry, 68k)
  9. MCU: many names in history, none of them are ours by aubkae (Steve/Tony, 43k)
  10. MCU: Don’t Look too Closely (all the angles are oblique) Series byshaenie (Steve/Tony, 161k)
  11. Merlin: At Our Best When It’s From the Hips by @derryere (Arthur/Merlin, 12k)
  12. Merlin: The Student Prince by FayJay (Arthur/Merlin, 146k)
  13. One Direction/Radio 1 RPF: If This is Love by sunsetmog (Harry/Nick, 85k)
  14. The Raven Cycle: Time Isn’t Real (but you’re a constant) by spiritsflame (Adam/Ronan, 87k)
  15. BBC Sherlock: Performance in a Leading Role Series by madlori (John/Sherlock, 223k)
  16. BBC Sherlock: Midnight Blue Serenity by BeautifulFiction (John/Sherlock, 151k)
  17. Shadowhunters: Reconstruction by bumblebeesknees (Alec/Magnus | 80k)
  18. Smallville: Reconcilable Differences by [personal profile] astolat ​ (Clark/Lex, 43k)
  19. A Song of Ice and Fire: Quid Pro Quo by sharkygal (Arya/Jon, 4k)
  20. Star Trek AOS: There is a Reason by TheSeabear (Kirk/Spock, 57k)
  21. Teen Wolf: Come with Me and Walk the Longest Mile by devildoll(Derek/Stiles, 39k)
  22. Teen Wolf" DILF by twentysomethingfic (Derek/Stiles, 30k)
  23. Teen Wolf: Trust Fall by stoneyboboney(Derek/Stiles, 144k)
  24. Thor: Chaos War by [personal profile] astolat ​ (Loki/Thor, 34k)
  25. X-Men: White Nights Series by spicedpiano &tahariel (Charles/Erik, 203k)
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