August 29th, 2018


August Writing Round-Up

Like last month, I'm posting this a bit early as I'm traveling again, this time to Austin, TX. Won't be writing at all while I'm gone, so this is pretty much it for August!


August Word Count Goal: 14,091 / 15,000

2018 Total Word Count Goal: 107,792 / 200,000

Didn't quite hit my monthly goal, but considering it was a high goal, I'm really pleased I got so close to it. I'm still way behind on my 2018 WC goal, though. Honestly, I don't imagine I'll hit it unless something crazy happens these next few months, but who knows? Either way, I'm pleased that, despite how busy August was for me, I still managed a respectable amount of words.

As anticipated, my writing time was minimal at best. Between work and vacations and a shit-ton of modding, both time and inspiration were not ideal for writing words. Which sucked, but was not a surprise. I'd hoped to get more work done, but I'm glad I was able to at least work on what I got to.
  1. [ profile] harrydracobang: wrote up an epilogue and did my final read through of this fic and submitted it! I also got my proofing edits, went through all of those, and then loaded the fic to AO3! I still have to get the art from my amazing artists and embed that as well, but this is really, really close to being completely done. THANK GOODNESS! I should probably plan on doing one final read-through on AO3 to catch any final typos/make sure formatting is all good, but we'll see if I have the mental capacity, LOL.

  2. August [ profile] daily_deviant / [ profile] scorbusfest: sent to beta and worked through edits. Did my final read through and posted this one at the end of the month. You can read it here. :)

  3. [community profile] hd_fan_fair: wrote an additional 4 scenes, for a total of 7/13. I actually completely finished writing what I had originally outlined for the fic, but then I determined that I wasn't happy with how it was turning out, and to fix it, I needed to add an additional 6 scenes, essentially doubling my original outline. I've outlined 5 of these new scenes and am not entirely sure what I want to do about the 6th, but it needs to be there for structure reasons. The entire situation is...not ideal, especially considering I'm out at least five writing days due to travel and I'm struggling a bit with my H/D inspiration. This fic is due September 18, so I need to not only finish this month, but also find somebody to beta it. Yay. Low key stressing about this.

  4. September [ profile] daily_deviant: finished this fic and sent it off to alpha + beta. Worked through their edits and did my final read-through, so this one is ready for posting in September!

  5. [ profile] bbtp_challenge: looked through my WIPs and found a partially written PWP that I decided to try and finish up for BBTP. Cleaned up the first bit and finished drafting + sent to alpha & beta. Spent the past hour or so going through beta edits and drafting on AO3, so I just have to hit post on September 1, since I'm going to be out of town.

Modly responsibilities cool off a bit in September, THANK GOD! Actually, all around, September is a lot calmer than August. My roommate is also abandoning me for the second half of the month, which means she won't be around in the evenings/on the weekends to distract me from writing, which will hopefully be good for productivity.

September Word Count Goal: 21,000
This is maybe a bit on the high side, but I have plenty of things to work on, and I want a goal that will push me to try and write every day. I had a sort of break-through this past month in terms of my fandom involvement, and it's made me want to try and finish off my previous commitments as quickly as I can.

September Fics to Focus On
  1. [community profile] hd_fan_fair: this fic is due mid-month, so I need to not only finish it, but find a beta for it...As I mentioned above, this one is giving me a lot of trouble. It's basically my complete writing-focus in September until I figure my shit out.

  2. hp_nextgen_fest: I think I've narrowed down the prompt possibilities, but not sure what I'm writing yet. I'd planned to write some Jeddy, but there are A LOT of Jeddy claims, and I'd like to add a bit of variety into the fest. My fav of the prompts I've narrowed it down to is also the option that I think would end up the longest, and I don't think I have the mental energy to write something longer right now, so I'm probably going to choose whichever one I think will be quickest.

  3. October [ profile] daily_deviant: this one is outlined, so I just need to sit down and bang it out. These tend to be quick and dirty, so I'm hoping this will be an easy one.

Upcoming Fics / Stuff on the back-burner
  1. November [ profile] daily_deviant: Struggling a bit with inspiration for the November themes, so that still needs to be decided upon and outlined. Not a top priority in September as I still have plenty of time, but if I finish my other projects, this will probably be next on the list.

  2. [ profile] daily_deviant Kinky Kristmas: The mods said this fest was happening and that info should be up in August, but I've yet to see anything for it...Still planning on participating if it happens, so hopefully info will come out in September. If so, that will likely be a focus in October.

  3. Femslash Gift!Fic: I've been wanting to write this fic for over a year now, but I just haven't had the time. I haven't touched it since the beginning of March, but I'd really love to finish it by the end of the year. There's still about 3/4 of the fic left to write, so IDK if it's likely to happen, especially because, unlike all of my other projects, the deadline is a bit more wishy-washy. I'm guessing I won't be able to focus on this until October, or maybe not even until November or December.

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