November 20th, 2018


birthday thanks

It was my birthday yesterday and I wanted to take a quick moment to thank everybody who reached out to me! I got a number of really lovely, sweet, touching messages from fandom friends, and they truly meant the world to me! <3

I also wanted to specifically point to the two beautifully creations that were gifted to me yesterday! Art AND Fic! I'm so lucky. :D

First we have the magnificent [personal profile] julchen_in_red, who created a seriously STUNNING piece of paper fanart based on my 50 Reasons ficlet, To Show Off New Lingerie (Drarry), which you can see on their tumblr, here! I am SO in awe of their amazing skills, and am beyond touched that they created something based on one of my fics!!

And then the fabulous [personal profile] shiftylinguini wrote this wonderfully sexy bit of Draco/James Sirius, forget what I need, give me what I want (and it should be fine) that was just as clever and engaging and hot as one would expect from such a talented writer!

Everybody should definitely check both of those pieces out and give them both ALL the love because they are kind and talented and supportive and wonderful and definitely made my birthday that much brighter. ♥

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