April 4th, 2019

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2019 Q1 Reading Round-Up

During the past three months I read 46 books, which is 7 ahead of schedule to hit my goal of 150 books for the year. 33 of the books were M/M Romances, which means 13 of the books were not, and 5 of those books were Pulitzer Prize winners. This puts me at 5 out of my goal of 6 Pulitzer Prize winners for the year, and at 13 out of my goal of 10 for non-M/M romances for the year! These goals were based on my reading last year (and were frankly set a bit higher than what I managed) but clearly I undershot! I've actually been actively working to alternate my M/M Romance reading with other books so that I continue to remember how much I LOVE reading stuff beyond queer romance. Which, DUH, I love, but I also love stuff that's less romance-focused as well. Plus, I would like to finish this Pulitzer Prize Winner challenge... someday.

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