July 5th, 2019

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2019 Q2 Reading Round-Up

During the past three months I read 116 books, which brings my total for the year to 162, which is 63 ahead of schedule to hit my goal of 200 books for the year. 83 of the books were M/M Romances, which means 33 of the books were not, and 8 of those books were Pulitzer Prize winners. This puts me at 13 out of my goal of 6 Pulitzer Prize winners for the year, which means I hit that sub-goal! I also read 1 of the hard-copy books I own, which puts me at 2 of my goal of 4 for the year. I actually technically read 2 hard-copy books this quarter, but one of those was a new-to-me book, so I'm not counting it towards my goal since the whole point is to read the books that have been languishing on my shelves for awhile.

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