May 5th, 2020

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What I'm Reading

What did you recently finish reading?

How to be a Conscious Eater by Sophie Egan
I thought this book was excellent! Practical, insightful advice on how to eat better for yourself, the planet, and others.

Nailed (Four Bears Construction #2) by K.M. NeuholdThis series has been really  working for me, and the enemies-to-lovers dynamic in this one was definitely my jam.

Charlie Sunshine by Lily Morton
I love this author and this was, as expected, an absolute delight!

All the King's Men by Robert Penn Warren
This was, frankly, a bit of a slog. Brilliant writing, but not for me.

Notable Fanfic Reads:
-Fearfully and Wonderfully by [ profile] semperama (Star Trek RPF, Pinto)
-All That's Best of Dark and Bright by [ profile] saltandbyrne (Inception, Arthur/Eames)
-Coming Clean by [ profile] thebaddestwolf(Community, Annie/Jeff)
-The Price We Pay For Wings Series by [ profile] Frayach (Harry Potter, Drarry)

What are you currently reading?

101 ways to Go Zero waste by Kathryn Kellogg
My newest non-fiction read! I'm really starting to get more serious about reducing my waste output, so I'm hoping this will have some good tips/advice.

Tehanu (Earthsea Cycle #4) by Ursula K. Le Guin
Still listening on audiobook. Slowly but surely working through it..

Cabrini Law Series by Parker St. John
Read three more books in this series over the past week and I've got one more to go!

What do you think you’ll read next?

Shades of Magic Series Books 2 & 3 by V.E. Schwab
Just got the final two books in the trilogy from the library yesterday, so I'm planning to dig into both of those in the next week!

The Nickel Boys by Colsen Whitehead
This year's Pulitzer Prize winner! Fun fact: this book was on the shortlist of people's guesses for the pick, so I put it on hold at the library just in case since they wer announcing the winners yesterday. My hold happened to come through yesterday right when it was announced as the winner! Since holds for PP winners always skyrocket once they're announced, I'm pretty pleased to have snuck in early. :D

Spring Strings by Lily Morton
Picked this up during a spring MM romance novella giveaway! Love this author, so I'm looking forward to this one.

-Bond by [ profile] AnnaFugazzi (Harry Potter, Drarry)
-Ace of Spaces by [ profile] manic_intent (Kingsman, Hartwin)
-Feel it like a fever, burning through the night by [ profile] LunaCanisLupus_22 (Teen Wolf, Sterek) This entry was originally posted here on Dreamwidth. Please comment there using OpenID

For shiftylinguini: Make Your Move (Albus Severus/Draco, Explicit)

Title: Make Your Move
Author: [personal profile] gracerene
Pairing: Albus Severus/Draco
Rating: Explicit
Word Count: ~2,600
Content/Warnings: post-hogwarts, boss/employee relationship, blow jobs, intergluteal sex, semi-public!sex
Summary: They both might be consenting adults, but Albus still needs to be the one who makes the first move.
Author's Notes: Happy, happy birthday, [personal profile] shiftylinguini, most evasive of noodles! As you know, my writing muse has been most uncooperative of late and I didn't think I'd manage a fic for you, but in our recent conversation about abandoned WIPs and Snippets that we couldn't bare to part with, I mentioned this Dralbus outtake of mine that was ancient and probably terrible, and you told me most emphatically that there was no way it was awful! That was your first mistake. It's entirely your fault that I spent the past few days tinkering with it, adding an ending and beginning and trying to make it slightly less terrible (no promises!) so I figured it was only right that I gift it to you for your birthday! Anyway, you're welcome, and I hope your day and the coming year are wonderful. ;)

About half of this fic started out as a deleted scene from one of the very first fics I ever wrote back in 2014, Now It’s Your Choice (seriously, it's the second fic I ever posted), which means this has been languishing for 5+ years. It's been heavily reworked, but you might notice some slight similarities to the original.

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