June 1st, 2021

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What I'm Reading

What did you recently finish reading?

The Black Friend by Frederick Joseph
Great introductory book to anti-racism. Geared towards teens and I think that's appropriate.

Heroes: Mortals and Monsters, Quests and Adventures (Stephen Fry's Great Mythology, #2) by Stephen Fry
Another awesome installment in this series! If you're into Greek mythology I highly recommend!

Pillars of Salt by Fadia Faqir
Read for my Around the World Reading Challenge for Jordan. Really interesting concept and structure.

Gilded Ones (Deathless #1) by  Namina Forna
New YA fantasy series that I really enjoyed! Was disappointed in the unnecessary romance aspect, but the rest was pretty interesting.

Upsy-Daisy Dom (Hell's Bedroom #3) by Tanya Chris
I really liked this one! My favorite in the series.

What are you currently reading?

How to Avoid a Climate Disaster by Bill Gates
Current non-fiction read.

How the One-Armed Sister Sweeps Her House by Cherie Jones
Currently reading as part of my Around the World Reading Challenge Barbados.

What do you think you’ll read next?

Troll: A Love Story by Johanna Sinisalo
Next in line for my Around the World Reading Challenge for Finland.

Ace: What Asexuality Reveals About Desire, Society, and the Meaning of Sex by Angela Chen
Next non-fiction read.

Ironweed by William Kennedy
Next Pulitzer Prize winner read.

The Mothers by Brit Bennett
This has been on my TBR list since it came out and a friend recommended it to me. After reading her second novel, The Vanishing Half, and loving it, I figured I should finally check this one off my list! This entry was originally posted here on Dreamwidth. Please comment there using OpenID