June 30th, 2021


Wednesday Words

Honestly pretty pleased with this word count, especially considering we had a heat wave this past week where I live that made existing almost unbearable and was NOT conducive to writing. I actually ended up escaping and driving to my parent's house a couple hours away since they have AC, but I generally write less when I'm visiting them, so I'm honestly happy I got any words at all. I'm actually going to be here for most of the next week, so we'll see how much writing I get done...

Weekly Word Count (6/23-6/29) = 5,416

What I Worked On:
  • A Relationship Unravels - HP: wrote two scenes.

  • Vampire!Wincest: wrote 4 scenes--well, really 3 scenes but I ended up splitting one of the scenes into two.

  • Prison Break!Wincest: did initial read-through & edits.

Next Week's Goals
  • Unwanted Wincest Bunny: go through edits if I get back from beta.

  • A Relationship Unravels - HP: write two scenes.

  • Vampire!Wincest: write two scenes.

  • Prison Break!Wincest: send to beta.
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