wicked smut goddess (gracerene) wrote,
wicked smut goddess

drive by pimping

Prompting is open at hprare_cliche. I'm all about the rare pair love (when I'm not obsessing over H/D) and there's a cap of five prompts per person so everybody should drop by and leave some prompts!

Prompting is also open at hp_goldenage. This one is a completely open pairing fest, with a limit of 7 prompts. Definitely a life stage that doesn't get nearly as much love and makes for some fun and creative prompts!

Finally, posting is still happening over at hp_nextgen_fest. People seem to be much busier this week, but we're continuing to post some really amazing stuff. And most of works are fairly short, so super easy to squeeze one in on a lunch break or while you're procrastinating on NaNo ;)

I've had a killer headache and terrible cramps all week, so I'm going to go and curl up under my desk now. Best of luck writing to all of you who are working on things, especially our lovely hd_erised participants, who I know will be awesome and submit by their extension dates, because they care about the mods' emotional well being and don't want me to develop an ulcer. ;)

Tags: fest: hd_erised, fest: hp_goldenage, fest: hp_nextgen_fest, fest: hprare_cliche, promote
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