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2015 Writing Round-Up

2015 was my first full year of writing and posting! It's been a really interesting fandom year for me, and I would say overall fun and positive.

In 2015 I wrote a total of 190,026 words across 83 different pieces in 7 unique fandoms. Of course, not all of those fics are finished, and quite a few of those words are unpublished.

As far as completed works go, I posted 65 pieces in 2015, and I've still got 1 piece that is currently anon, and 5 ficlets that I wrote for comment fests that I have yet to archive.

I tried my hand at writing in a few different fandoms this year, so of my 65 posted works, I wrote 4 in the Percy Jackson fandom, 4 in The Avengers Fandom, 2 in the Kingsman fandom, 1 in the X-Men fandom, 1 in the Check, Please! fandom, and 1 in the Hobbit fandom. Oh, and I also wrote 52 for Harry Potter. :P

My biggest commitment for the year was writing my 50 Reasons to Have Sex Series for H/D. I've had a lot of fun working on this project and the response has just been overwhelming positive and awesome. I've currently posted 36 of the 50 Reasons (with one more written and scheduled to go up soon), and my goal is to finish that up in the first half of this year. My most popular reason was For Revenge in terms of hits, and Curiosity in terms of kudos. No surprise since they were both some of the filthier ones. :)

I also participated in several fests this past year: hp_kinkfest, hprare_cliche, hp_goldenage, hprarefest, hp_crossgenfest, avengersfest, hp_nextgen_fest, & hd_owlpost. I also wrote several things for dracomalfoy's kinks & tropes party, the charlieficathon December comment fest, and the daily_deviant Kinky Kristmas comment fest.

I used tryslora's super handy writing spreadsheet to keep track of my words this year, and I loved it! Since this was my first real year of writing, I really wanted to see where I was at. So, some more stats! On December 12th, I had my highest WC day, with 5,418 words. My most prolific month was April, with 32,117 words. My least prolific month was September, with 5,677 words.

So, to end things, here are my year end AO3 stats. Not bad for a year of writing. :D

Total Fics - 68
Harry Potter - 55
The Avengers - 4
Percy Jackson - 4
Check, Please! - 1
X-Men - 1
Kingsman - 2
The Hobbit - 1
Series - 5
Author Subscriptions - 138
Wordcount - 188,141
Kudos - 15,633
Hits - 314,887
Comment Threads - 627
Bookmarks - 1,998
Subscriptions - 148
Tags: fandom, my fanfic, personal: writing, personal: writing round-up

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