wicked smut goddess (gracerene) wrote,
wicked smut goddess

how do you read fic on tablets?

Okay, this is a weird question for all of you out there who do a lot of fanfic reading on tablets especially. How do you do it?

I read a decent amount on my kindle, and I'm curious if there's a better, more awesome and efficient way to go about things, or if I'm doing what y'all are doing!

Basically, there are three ways I read fic on my kindle:

  1. If it's a short piece, I usually just read it in the browser, like I do on my laptop

  2. If it's mid-length to long, and I plan on reading it right that minute, I download as a .mobi, and then read it like it's a kindle book, and it's saved in my downloads.

  3. If it's super long, and I don't plan on reading it right away, but want to have it available for something like plane ride, I download the fic as a PDF (usually on my laptop) and then "convert" the fic to kindle format, so it'll show up on my kindle like a book.

So, is that how you all do things? Is there some secret trick to awesomeness that I'm missing? It is very important to me that I maximize my fic reading experience. ;)
Tags: fandom, personal: question
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