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FIC: Teacher's Pet, Part 4 (Charlie/Draco, PG)

Title: Teacher's Pet, Part 4
Author: gracerene
Pairing: Charlie/Draco
Word Count: ~600
Rating: PG (this part)
Warnings: professor/student
Challenge: hp_may_madness 2016 Day #4: Sorry, hard, mint, "Last thing on my mind."
Author's Notes: Unbeta'd.

Part 3

"Now class, who can tell me what adding mint to a potion base would do…"

Draco tuned out Slughorn's lecture and focused instead on the dragon he was doodling in the margins of his Potion's book. He was already well aware of mint's properties, and he knew that Granger would be more than happy to answer any of Slughorn's leading questions. Going unnoticed was in Draco's best interest.

Pansy was clearly of a similar mind, because she quickly leaned in to gossip, one of her favourite pastimes.

"So, Draco," she began in a coy whisper, "I don't suppose you're planning on taking anybody with you to Hogsmeade this weekend?"

"No," Draco said absently, shading in the arch of the dragon's wing. "I wasn't planning on going at all."

"What?" Her whisper only barely qualified, drawing curious stares from Blaise and Theo in front of them. Draco waved them off.

"I've got school work to do. You know how important it is that I do well this year. Frolicking around Hogsmeade is the last thing on my mind."

"But you're always studying. Don't you think you deserve a little break. What do you have going on this weekend that you can't work on in the evenings?"

Draco swallowed a sneer. Pansy could be immensely tiring, but she was one of the few friends he had left, and it wouldn't do to make her angry.

"Actually, I have a meeting with my Care of Magical Creatures Professor. It was the only time he had free." Draco was proud that he managed to say the entire sentence without blushing. Pansy would have pounced on that in an instant.

"Professor Weasley." Pansy's voice was filled with disdain, and Draco felt himself bristle.

"Yes," he said stiffly. "He's offered to help me with my final report, since he has plenty of first-hand experience with dragons."

Pansy let out a small huff of annoyance. "I suppose that's decent of him. And if you've got to spend time with a Weasley, at least it's the one with the broad shoulders and sexy scars."

Privately, Draco quite agreed. Outwardly, he merely raised an eyebrow.

"What? You've got eyes." Her expression turned teasing. "Although, I must say that Weasley Junior has filled out quite nicely." She looked pointedly at Ron, who was looking at a lecturing Slughorn with mild bemusement. Draco wrinkled his nose in distaste. Draco preferred not to think about the fact that his Weasley was related to the the one Draco had spent years hating. Not that Charlie was his or anything.

"Don't be vile, Pansy."

"Sorry, Draco. Think of it as payback for abandoning me this weekend."

"It's only for a couple of hours."

Pansy made a face and turned to face front, clearly already bored with the conversation, and leaving Draco to contemplate those couple of hours he'd downplayed in front of Pansy. Hours that Draco would be spending with Charlie. Alone. In his quarters.

Draco could still remember the heat in Charlie's eyes when he made the offer to help Draco with project at the beginning of term. It had taken weeks for Draco to get up the nerve to actually ask him for help, weeks of hungry glances and fervent wanking. He still wasn't sure meeting with Charlie like this was the best idea, but he couldn't deny that being able to interview somebody with such extensive first-hand dragon experience would be invaluable. Draco would just have to control himself. It was only a few hours.

How hard could it be?

Part 5
Tags: fandom: harry potter, fest: hp_may_madness, kink: teacher/student relationship, my fanfic, no repost, pairing type: slash, pairing: charlie/draco, rating: pg
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