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FIC: Teacher's Pet, Part 13 (Charlie/Draco, PG)

Title: Teacher's Pet, Part 13
Author: gracerene
Pairing: Charlie/Draco
Word Count: ~500
Rating: PG (this part)
Warnings: professor/student
Challenge: hp_may_madness 2016 Day #13: Humble, pie, green, "When the lights go out."
Author's Notes: Unbeta'd. Squeaking in late, but I made it! :D Sorry for the post spam today, guys!

Part 12

Like all of the professors, Charlie was back at Hogwarts a couple of days before the students returned. It was strange walking about a nearly deserted castle, especially after holidays spent at the overcrowded Burrow. Still, Charlie couldn't deny that it was good to be back at the school. Charlie wasn't ashamed of his humble background, but the privacy of his own quarters was a luxury Charlie didn't take for granted.

He sat at his little table by the window that overlooked the smudged green of the Forbidden Forrest as he ate a slice of pie—peach, of course. The filling was rich and sweet, but all Charlie could think about was how much better it would taste if he was licking the flavour from Draco's mouth. He savoured another bite, cock thickening as he remembered the trail of juice sliding down Draco's wrist and the pink tongue that had followed. Merlin, Charlie couldn't even do something as simple as eat a piece of pie without thinking of the boy.

He'd been a jittery wreck all through break. His family had gifted him with plenty of concerned looks (his dad), lively teasing (his siblings), and second helpings (his mum). It wasn't as if he could tell them what was on his mind, though. "Oh, yeah, no, I'm just a mess because I accidentally fooled around with one of my students before term, and I haven't been able to stop thinking about him. I definitely shared one of the most spectacular kisses of my life with him right before break, and I have no clue where we stand, or what we're going to do about it. And did I mention the bloke is Draco Malfoy? You remember him and his family, don't you?"

Charlie snorted. Yeah, that would have gone over splendidly.

He'd been desperate for a distraction, and eventually he had ended up finding a magical tattoo parlour and adding a new addition to his collection. But even the sting of the needle and the rush of adrenaline wasn't enough to keep Charlie distracted for long.

Still, Charlie was well past the point of denying his feelings. When the lights went out at night, his hand inevitably strayed to his cock as images and memories and fantasies of Draco danced wickedly behind his eyelids. He thought about the fact that Draco would be back at the school tomorrow, and his stomach fluttered. Fluttered.

Charlie was ridiculously nervous about seeing Draco again for the first time after that unexpected kiss, unsure of what to expect from Draco, unsure of what to say. He knew it would be hard, but the more he thought about it, the more he was sure that he didn't want to give Draco up. There was something between them, something that thrummed and pulsed, something more than just animal attraction—though there was plenty of that to be sure. Charlie had never been one to back down easily or give up without a fight, not when something he cared about was on the line. It was becoming increasingly obvious that Draco was somebody he cared about deeply.

Charlie wasn't sure where they would go from here, but he knew that wherever it was, he wanted to go there with Draco.

Part 14
Tags: fandom: harry potter, fest: hp_may_madness, kink: shower!sex, kink: teacher/student relationship, my fanfic, no repost, pairing type: slash, pairing: charlie/draco, rating: pg

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