wicked smut goddess (gracerene) wrote,
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May Daily Deviant

It's been ages, but it's finally time for another daily_deviant post! Banging Birthday ate my posting date, but better late than never, yes?

Thanks so much to nathalieweasley and shiftylinguini for looking this one over for me.

Title: Say That We'll Be Together
Author: gracerene
Characters/Pairings: James Sirius/Teddy
Rating: NC-17
Kinks/Themes Chosen: Professor/Student Relationship
Other Warnings: secret relationship, dirty talk, professor/student, blow jobs
Word Count: ~2,350
Summary/Description: James lives for Hogsmeade weekends.
Author's Notes: Oh my goodness, this month's theme was way too difficult. I have far too many favorite kinks to be able to easily pick just one. But the idea of writing James/Teddy professor/student got stuck into my head, and I figured now would be as good a time as any to try it out. And considering that I'd totally forgotten that I'd written this for May's DD, and then began writing a Charlie/Draco professor/student fic for hp_may_madness, I think I can definitely say I picked a favourite kink of mine… :D

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Sorry for all the fic spam lately! I feel like I've been posting a ridiculous amount of fic this week, what with BB claiming, hp_may_madness, daily_deviant, and wand_in_a_knot...
Tags: comm: daily_deviant, fandom: harry potter, kink: blow jobs, kink: dirty talk, kink: teacher/student relationship, my fanfic, no repost, pairing type: next gen, pairing type: slash, pairing: james sirius/teddy, rating: nc-17, trope: secret relationship

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