wicked smut goddess (gracerene) wrote,
wicked smut goddess

Calling all Artists!

Join us at wipbigbang

Thought I'd do a quick promote for this fest which is going to be opening up artist claiming pretty soon! There are usually a few Harry Potter fics (hint: I'm participating) but there are also a ton of other fandoms for those of you who have other fannish interests. While traditional art is more than welcome, that's definitely not the only medium allowed --> "You can do anything you like, including banners, wallpapers, icons, mixes, vids, gif sets, picspams, etc."

I know they're always looking for more artists, so I wanted to post in care any of you artistic types on my f-list are interested. And, you know, if you all just want to claim my fic, that would also be okay with me. ;)
Tags: fest: wipbigbang, promote

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