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May Raven Cycle Recs

The final book in my most recent book obsession, The Raven Cycle, came out at the end of April. It was everything I could have hoped for. So, naturally, I spent May reading all of the new fic that had been spawned from this most wondrous of creations. Here are my favorites!

[The Raven Cycle: Adam/Ronan]Title: The World is Wide (but you are its centre)
Author: favicon BeautifulSoup
Pairing: Adam/Ronan
Rating: R
Word Count: 2,415
Content/Warnings: established relationship, mild TRK spoilers
Summary: A snapshot during the days leading up to Adam's departure.
Lovey, short little ficlet showing a glimpse into Ronan and Adam's relationship before Adam leaves for college. The writing is beautiful and the emotion is perfect.

Title: dreamers electric
Author: favicon enjolraes
Pairing: Adam/Ronan
Rating: PG-13 (Rated M on AO3, but I think Teen is more accurate)
Word Count: 2,460
Content/Warnings: mild TRK spoilers
Summary: Ronan was laying on his stomach, feeling Adam's breath dancing on the back of his neck, his body a livewire as Adam traced the ink of his tattoo, those beautiful fucking fingers skating down his spine. He almost couldn't stand it, his heart was more alive than it had been in years.
Lovely post-The Raven King fic! The writing is beautiful and I really liked the thrumming, electric chemistry between Ronan and Adam.

Title: hold my breath until the morning
Author: favicon seeingrightly
Pairing: Adam/Ronan
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 5,215
Content/Warnings: established relationship, TRK spoilers
Summary: Blue and Gansey sit close in the back seat, the Orphan Girl curled up so as not to disturb them, Chainsaw bundled in her arms, somewhat agitated. It's very quiet. Ronan's fingers twitch, but it doesn't feel right to turn on the music, especially his kind of music.
Adam puts his hand on top of Ronan's. There is a very, very brief moment where Ronan thinks he’s going to lose control of the car, and then he breathes, and he turns over his hand.
Super lovely post-TRK fic with Ronan and Adam sort of beginning to settle into each other. The writing is beautiful and I just adored all of Adam and Ronan's interactions.

Title: Hold On to Me as We Go
Author: favicon basicallymonsters
Pairing: Adam/Ronan
Rating: R
Word Count: 10,646
Content/Warnings: established relationship, trk spoilers
Summary: Revised relationships come from the settling dust of unmaking, and Ronan and Adam try to find a balance between grief and joy, love and sex, friendship and occasional hand kissing. They navigate first times and promises and a feeling like magic - even when they're forest-less and wide awake.
Oh my goodness, this was lovely. Really wonderful characterization of Ronan and Adam, and the writing was beautiful. Super great watching them settle into their relationship after the events of TRK.

Title: You Will Always Be Enough
Author: favicon Becky_J_1022
Pairing: Adam/Ronan
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 14,851
Summary: Ronan can't dream and can't stay in the apartment, and Gansey sends Adam along with him to keep him out of trouble. Adam does not do a very good job.
Really beautifully written fic that goes sort of AU during the second book. Fabulous interactions between Adam and Ronan and the whole thing was hot as hell.
Tags: fandom: raven cycle, pairing type: slash, pairing: adam/ronan, rec: fic

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