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12 August 2016 @ 08:00 am
H/D Fic: All of the Time - Epilogue  
Title: All of the Time
Author: gracerene
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Draco/Harry, past Draco/Astoria and Harry/Ginny, background Ron/Hermione, James Sirius/Teddy
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: ~1,000/21,000
Content/Warnings: past relationship, wanking, sexual fantasy, anal fingering, anal sex, tattoos
Summary: Twenty-five years later, Harry and Draco find their way back to one another.

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As usual, Harry woke up bright and early. Well, in the dead of winter it wasn't so much bright, as just early; the sky outside the window was not yet even grey with the beginnings of dawn. He stretched and left a mumbling Draco in bed, throwing on a dressing gown and heading downstairs to get a start on Christmas breakfast. Harry felt a little sluggish and slow, the result of not enough sleep last night. He grimaced, trying not to think about why that was.

Harry wasn't too far into the preparations before Draco came down the stairs, looking unfairly put together for having just woken up. He handed Draco a steaming cup of tea, and Draco smiled at him gratefully. Harry's stomach did a little flip at the naked pleasure in Draco's eyes. They'd been together for months, but Draco still managed to undo him with just a smile. Something in his face must have shown his reaction, because Draco's smile widened and he placed his cup of tea on the counter, abandoning it in favour of pressing close to Harry and kissing him hello.

"Good morning," Draco murmured, when their lips finally parted. His body was still warm and solid, pressing Harry back against the counter. He felt so good that Harry didn't even mind the way the sharp edge of the countertop dug into his arse.

"It is now."

Draco chuckled and moved away, picking up his tea and sitting down at the kitchen table. "Don't get sappy on me, Potter. You know how it makes me want to ravish you, and we're going to have a horde of minions demanding to be fed soon."

"Soon?" Harry snorted. "We'll be lucky if Al, Scorpius, and Lily are up before noon. James and Teddy are the only early risers of the bunch and…" Harry coughed as he put on the bacon. "They might still be tired."

Draco laughed at that, a loud, merry sound that made the whole room feel inexplicably warm.

"What's so funny?" Teddy asked from the doorway. "Oh, is that coffee?"

Harry poured him a cup, passing it over without looking him in the eyes. Draco continued to cackle at the table.

"Seriously," James added, grabbing a mug and the cafetiere to pour himself a cup. "What's with Draco? Is he broken?"

Teddy sat at the table across from Draco, and James settled in next to him, their legs hooking together as they inhaled their coffee. They looked sleepy, rumpled, and far too cosy and satisfied. Harry felt his face heat, and turned away towards the food.

Behind him, Draco finally stopped laughing. "Oh, don't mind me, only a little sleep-deprived, that's all."

Harry froze, praying that Draco wasn't going to go and make things even more awkward than they already were.

"Did you not sleep well?" asked James.

"No, neither of us did, unfortunately." Draco's voice was all exaggerated regret. Harry couldn't help but turn to the side so he could see the table while he beat the eggs.

"Really? Why not? I thought you said you slept really well here."

"Usually, yes. But usually we don't have guests."

"Oh, does us being here make it harder for you to sleep? We would've stayed at Teddy's flat, but Dad asked us to stay over."

"He did. Of course, he's probably regretting it now, aren't you, darling?" Draco looked over at Harry his eyes dancing.

"What, why?" James looked at him with sad, wounded eyes, and Harry sighed.

"I'm happy to have you here." He looked meaningfully at James, then Teddy. "But I know I taught you both how to cast a decent Silencing charm."

Teddy's face went pale, his hand freezing with his coffee mug halfway towards his mouth. James's eyes went wide. Draco burst into another round of laughter.

"Oh, fuck."

"You said you'd cast the spell!" Teddy hissed.

"I said that I would cast the spell. And then I got distracted…" James bit his lip on a smile, clearly trying to look apologetic and failing spectacularly.

Teddy folded his arms on top of the table and dropped his head on top of them miserably.

"Oh, come on, Teddy, it's not like they didn't already know we were having sex. It's not that bad."

"You're not the one who had to listen to his son and his godson having sex," Harry grumbled under his breath.

"Just kill me," Teddy moaned.

"Come now, Teddy. At least Harry and I know you're keeping James well-satisfied. Sexual compatibility is very important in a relationship."

"Draco!" Harry scolded, voice strangled, as Teddy buried his face farther into his arms and James looked far too pleased. Draco gave him a heated look, reminding Harry of their own sexual compatibility. Draco's fingers ran deliberately over the table, bringing to mind the previous week. They'd both been so keyed up after a long dinner at the Burrow that neither of them could wait once they finally got home. Harry had fucked Draco right there in the kitchen, Draco's hands clawing at the wooden dining table as Harry sunk into him over and over and over.

He cleared his throat. "Why don't we change the subject? To anything else."

James, Lily, and Scorpius chose that moment to all come bursting into the room in a flurry of noise and colour.

"Is breakfast ready?"

"Can we open presents now?"

"Ooo, bacon."

Breakfast was a merry affair, full of laughter and chatter and appreciate groans. Harry looked around the table, James and Albus arguing loudly about Quidditch, Teddy regaling Scorpius and Lily with gruesome Auror stories, and Draco sitting across from Harry, looking at him with soft eyes.

Harry never could have guessed that his life would take this path. To have Draco and lose him and find him again after all those years. It felt like some kind of miracle, like fate. It had taken them years to get to this place, to finally become the men they needed to be before they could be together. Years of separation, of loving other people, of living and learning and growing. But they had finally made it.

Harry looked around the table at his family, heart fit to burst with love and pride and the sudden swell of thankfulness that life had led him here.

It had been worth the wait.

piratesmile331piratesmile331 on August 12th, 2016 05:25 pm (UTC)
Awew, such a sweet ending! And I don't really feel sorry for Draco and Harry; they could have put up their own Silencing charm and made some noise of their own. ☺️ So glad to see them relaxing with all of their kids.
wicked smut goddessgracerene on August 12th, 2016 09:41 pm (UTC)
Thank you so much!

Yes, I wanted to show a happy glimpse of their future, surrounded by family. :D
kerrilee75: pic#126363732kerrilee75 on August 12th, 2016 07:30 pm (UTC)

But if I read it, it will be over. *cries*

wicked smut goddessgracerene on August 12th, 2016 09:11 pm (UTC)
Aww! Don't worry, I'm sure I'll write some more oneshots in this universe! :D
kerrilee75: pic#126363782kerrilee75 on August 13th, 2016 01:39 pm (UTC)

Aww, what a perfect ending! The family dynamic is delightful. Draco cackling, Teddy all mortified, James smug and satisfied. That scene gave me all my favorite domestic!Drarry and James/Teddy goodness.

This series has been such a joy to me and I am so sad to see it end. I will definitely look forward to those oneshots!

wicked smut goddessgracerene on August 13th, 2016 05:07 pm (UTC)
Thank you, sweetie! I couldn't resist pulling the whole gang back together for the epilogue. :D

It's been lovely getting your comments throughout these fics, and I'm so pleased you've enjoyed!! <3
Melissa Rose_melodic_ on August 12th, 2016 11:14 pm (UTC)
::sigh:: What a lovely end to a gorgeous story! I am so attached to these characters and this universe I am so very sad to see them go. At least I know there will be at least one more taste (a very yummy taste!).

Still, what a pleasure it was to read this great story and reach their happily ever after.

The epilogue was fantastic; so funny and sweet with just a dash of underlying hotness.

Thank you for this wonderful journey, Grace! I've thoroughly enjoyed every word of it!
wicked smut goddessgracerene on August 13th, 2016 05:39 pm (UTC)
Aww, you are just the best!! <33

LOL, it took me a minute to figure out how you knew there was another oneshot coming...DUH!! :D

Glad you enjoyed the epilogue and the verse as a whole. It was beyond lovely receiving comments from you on all the chapters as they posted. ♥
sassy_cissasassy_cissa on August 20th, 2016 03:58 pm (UTC)
I sat down last evening and re-read the first two parts and then read the last part.

Man, I love this universe that you created. You wove such a wonderful tale, from the first part where you broke my heart when they both married others to the the ending where you put it all back together in such a wonderful way.

Great job, hon!! ♥
wicked smut goddessgracerene on August 21st, 2016 09:06 pm (UTC)
Aww, thank you so much, hon!!! <33

You were enormously helpful with the first HD fic, and I'm super pleased you enjoyed the conclusion of their story here. ♥
Arale Cho: pic#126275498ChoArale on December 25th, 2016 02:50 am (UTC)
It's beautiful story and sweet ending.
Thanks for sharing.
wicked smut goddessgracerene on December 26th, 2016 06:22 pm (UTC)
Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed!