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Star Trek RPF Pinto Recs

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updated May 13, 2017

Star Trek RPF: Chris Pine/Zachary Quinto

Title: Brimming
Author: favicon semperama
Pairing(s): Chris Pine/Zachary Quinto
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 1,873
Content/Warnings: RPF, rimming, platonic sex, drunk!sex
Summary: “Alright, we can settle this right now.” Chris’s eyes widen as Zach stalks over to the couch. “I cannot, as your friend, let you go one more day without this experience.”
First off, the title is freaking awesome. And second off, so is this fic. Just some good (dirty) fun. :D

Title: Pretty Tied Up
Author: favicon semperama
Pairing(s): Chris Pine/Zachary Quinto
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 4,615
Content/Warnings: RPF, bondage, breathplay, light D/s, tie!kink
Summary: Fill for the Pinto Kink Meme. Prompt: Zach tugs a little too harshly on Chris's tie and Chris realises he's turned on when Zach's done fixing him up
Super hot fic with Chris realizing he has a bit of tie!Kink and a thing for breathplay, and Zach being more than willing to indulge him.

*NEW: 5/13*
Title: In Babylon
Author: favicon semperama
Pairing(s): Chris Pine/Zachary Quinto
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 7,921
Content/Warnings: AU, RPF, bottom!chris, stripper!chris, non-linear timeline
Summary: Chris is a stripper, and Zach is the repressed businessman that falls in love with him.
Really beautifully written AU with stripper!Chris and business man!Zach. The tension between these two was wonderful, and the non-linear timeline was beautifully executed. Lovely read.

Title: Blind Items
Author: favicon leupagus
Pairing(s): Chris Pine/Zachary Quinto
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 6,946
Content/Warnings: RPF, first time, rough sex, bottom!chris
Summary: Chris finds out that Zach's a lady on the street but a freak in the sheets.
Seriously freaking hot! Really, there are no words.

Title: suture up your future
Author: favicon sidnihoudini
Pairing(s): Chris Pine/Zachary Quinto
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 6,949
Content/Warnings: RPF, first time, rimming, bottom!chris
Summary: Bending at the knees to unceremoniously drop himself back down onto the sofa, Zach reaches for the remote and says, possibly joking, "God, you'd make the worst two beer queer ever."
"I've been mistaken for gay before." Chris sounds offended. Zach looks over at him, completely boggled. "Is your laptop around?"
Zach shakes his head and finally, finally changes the channel.
Wonderfully sexy fic with Chris and Zach ~watching porn together~ and then, of course, sex happens. Pretty much just awesome, filthy, smut.

Title: Faggot
Author: favicon littlebirdtold
Pairing(s): Chris Pine/Zachary Quinto, Chris/OFC
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 7,076
Content/Warnings: RPF, AU: High School, teacher/student, rimming, barebacking, infidelity, bottom!chris, dub-con, homophobic language
Summary: This started as a response to this prompt and has taken on a life of its own: Teacher/Schoolboy Kink AU: Chris has been a bad boy, acting like a jerk. Mr. Quinto teaches him a lesson during detention…
Jesus this is hot. Not normally a huge RPF fan, but this is so AU it doesn't really read like it. Crazy freaking hot.

Title: A Deck With a View
Author: favicon zjofierose
Pairing(s): Chris Pine/Zachary Quinto
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 7,921
Content/Warnings: RPF, established relationship, secret relationship, intercrural sex
Summary: "It feels like the day is impermeable, wrapped in the cotton wool of sea fog and cut off from the rest of the world. Their phones struggle to find signal, the freeway is miles away, and even the seagulls are minding their gossiping tongues. It’s like they exist in between the lines on a page, like they’ve fallen off the edge of the world, and, Zach thinks, he could get used to this."
aka: Chris and Zach rent a beach house.
This was so great! The connection between Zach and Chris was lovely, and their stolen vacation together was lovely, if a little bittersweet. The tone here was wonderful, and I loved the hopeful ending.

Title: I Cannot Tell a Lie
Author: Anonymous
Pairing(s): Chris Pine/Zachary Quinto
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 10,903
Content/Warnings: RPF, AU: Politics, established relationship, secret relationship, barebacking, bottom!chris, homophobic language
Summary: If he wins the election, Zach will be the first gay president. Even if Chris, and the rest of the campaign staffers, are the only ones who know it.
Really wonderful fic! Loved the relationship between Chris and Zach here, and the political backdrop was super interesting and exciting.

Title: On Edge
Author: favicon SuedeScripture
Pairing(s): Chris Pine/Zachary Quinto
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 11,589
Content/Warnings: RPF, shaving!kink
Summary: Zach shaves with a straight razor. Chris likes to watch.
OMG, I have such a think for shaving!kink and it was gorgeous here! Loved Chris being super into it, and Zach was as sexy as ever.

Title: A Passage That Sings
Author: dorkorific | favicon Rave
Pairing(s): Chris Pine/Zachary Quinto
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 17,080
Content/Warnings: RPF
Summary: Footsteps beside him; the creak of bedsprings as Chris sits down by his head. Zach could bite his ass, if he could move. He wouldn't, but he could. It would be tempting. "Front all you want: 'Cathedral' still skull-fucks you with its awesomeness," says Chris, shoving the water up to his face. "Every time. Open your mouth."
I don't read a ton of RPF, but I stumbled across this one on a recs lists, and I was intrigued, so I thought I would give it a go. Interesting and sexy fic that takes place during pick-ups for Star Trek Into Darkness.

Title: Fiction Romance
Author: entrenous88 | favicon EntreNous
Pairing(s): Chris Pine/Zachary Quinto
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 30,079
Content/Warnings: AU: Mobster, AU: University, RPF, light D/s, first time, mob boss!zach, rentboy!chris, dub-con
Summary: Chris Pine, college student and nervous wreck, somehow gets in over his head with gambling debts. With no money to pay what he owes, he'll have to rely on the generosity of Mr. Zachary Quinto, a powerful mob boss with a shark-like grin and a keen interest in some of the other assets Chris has to offer.
OH, this fic is fabulous! Mob Boss Quinto is beyond delicious and the dynamic between him and Chris is seriously fantastic. Super freaking hot and just generally a ton of fun.

Title: Let's Stay Together
Author: favicon semperama
Pairing(s): Chris Pine/Zachary Quinto
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 34,754
Content/Warnings: RPF, rimming, first time, bottom!chris, phone!sex, dirty talk
Summary: In which Chris thought he was straight, until Zach. It takes facing the fact he isn't going to be making movies with Zach every few years for Chris to realize that his feelings for him are more than platonic.
I loved that this fic actually starts off with Chris admitting his feelings for Zach, and then the two of them moving on from there, which I thought was a refreshing change of pace. I liked that there was still the discovery aspect as Chris figured out what exactly he wanted, but instead of angsting about it alone, he had Zach with him helping him along. Lovely and super hot.
Tags: au, au: high school, au: university, bottom!chris, established relationship, fandom: star trek, kink: barebacking, kink: bondage, kink: breathplay, kink: d/s dynamics, kink: dirty talk, kink: dub-con, kink: first time, kink: infidelity, kink: intercrural sex, kink: phone!sex, kink: rimming, kink: rough sex, kink: shaving!kink, kink: teacher/student relationship, pairing type: slash, pairing: chris/zach, profession: rentboys and strippers, rec: fic, rpf, trope: secret relationship

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