wicked smut goddess (gracerene) wrote,
wicked smut goddess

Come Ride the Crack Broom!

Doing a quick pimp of one of my favorite communities! Basically you sign up for a month and an open pairing or pairing type (such as H/D, Next Gen, or fics with Charlie as part of the Main Pairing), and commit to reccing 4 fics and/or pieces of art over the course of the month. It's an AWESOME resource when you become obsessed with a new pairing, and spreading the rec love around is always a great thing. It looks complicated, but I promise you, it really isn't.

Come fly the crack_broom!

How to Participate (In 6 Easy Steps!!)

  • Read the RULES. Essentially what you need to know is: 4 recs per month, only 2 of these can have been previously recced on the comm, don't rec more than 2 times in one day.

  • Check the BIG QUEUE to see what "brooms" already have a rider for the Month. For example, this month you can see my name next to the H/D broom. :D

  • Go to the SIGN-UP POST and leave a comment with the month and broom you'd like to claim. Feel free to claim multiple months at a time if you're so inclined.

  • Think about what you want rec. Before making a final decision, make sure you look at the DATABASE OF PAST recs. Only two of your recs can be on this list. I generally just hit CTRL + F and then search for the name/author of what I'd like to rec to see if it's on this list.

  • Grab the POSTING TEMPLATE for the medium you are reccing for (the templates are under spoiler cuts), and fill out the relevant fields.

  • Post to the crack_broom community during the month you signed up for! I usually do all of my recs at the beginning of the month and then schedule them to post over the next few weeks so I don't forget. :)

How easy is that?!?

I highly recommend you consider signing up for a month or two. Reccing is such a great way to contribute to and bolster our community, and the more reccers there are, the greater diversity there is in the type of things being recced. I know several of you rec on your personal journals, but I'd really urge you to consider reccing here as well, as reccing on the comm means that your recs may reach a wider audience than recs on your personal journal--yay! Not to mention, speaking from personal experience, seeing a rec of my work seriously makes my day, every time. <3

So, even if you don't rec on a regular basis, I really urge you to give this comm a try!

And if you have any questions, feel free to poke me with them. I've been reccing there just about 3 now, so I'm fairly familiar with the format. :D
Tags: comm: crack_broom, fandom: harry potter, promote

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