wicked smut goddess (gracerene) wrote,
wicked smut goddess

feeling mushy about hp_crossgenfest

You guys, I am filled with feels.

hp_crossgenfest posted reveals a week ago, and i swear, each year this fest is more and more awesome.

I adore all the fests I mod, but this one will always have a special place in my heart. It was the first fest I modded, a comm I created from scratch and a fest I pretty much built from the ground up. I solo-mod this one, which has been stressful at times, but generally has been totally fine, because it's a pretty chill fest, and the past two years in particular, people have been great about communicating and submitting.

Every year the fest has run (3 years now) there have been more submissions than the last. I mean, for a smaller fandom, the fact that this rare-pair fest has shown marked growth is really freaking awesome.

This year was particularly great, with so many different pairings and pairing types, short fic and long fic, fluffy fic and smutty fic and dark fic. And art! Such glorious art! *happy sigh*

And. AND!! So many recs! Reccing is generally down in fandom (or it seems to be) but this fests always seems to bring reccers out from hiding. 16 of the 33 submissions qualified for a hot rec this year. SIXTEEN! That means that nearly half of all submissions received two or more recs, which makes me so freaking happy. I love seeing submissions be well received. :D

Anyway, I know a large part of this success has to do with my lovely flist. Many of you have supported the fest by participating or pimping or commenting or reccing (or all FOUR!) and I am really pleased and grateful for the support and enthusiasm. It's made modding this fest such a pleasure. <3
Tags: fest: hp_crossgenfest, personal: modding
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