wicked smut goddess (gracerene) wrote,
wicked smut goddess

in case you missed it...

Thilia Girly Banner
(art and banner by thilia)

Wish claiming begins THIS WEEKEND!

Members begin claiming at noon U.S. Eastern time on Saturday, October 15.
Watchers begin claiming at noon U.S. Eastern time on Sunday, October 16.

Get your silk stockings stuffed this holiday season!
on [info]daily_deviant

This is one of my favorite holiday fests! In between all the glorious H/D fic over at hd_erised, I love to relax with a little bit of filthy smut. :D There are always a variety of kinks and pairings, and everybody is almost guaranteed to find at least something that appeals! Member claiming is open now, and watcher claiming starts tomorrow! I've already claimed myself a fabulous prompt, and I can't wait to start writing!
Tags: comm: daily_deviant, fest: daily_deviant kinky kristmas, promote

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