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50 Reasons to Have Sex -- Prompt Request!

Tomorrow I'm going to be posting the final fic in my 50 Reasons to Have Sex Series, (!!!!!!!!) and I thought a little celebration was in order.

50 reasons1.jpg
Banner by capitu, because she is awesome and thought a banner was in order ♥

This series was what got me started in writing fanfic. I started writing them in October 2014 and began posting in January 2015. It's been almost two years to the day now since I first started writing this series (OMG!) and I can't believe it's almost over!

So, to celebrate I thought I'd collect some prompts. Over the course of the series I've received numerous suggestions for possible reasons to have sex and requests to continue with certain reasons. Now's your chance to potentially get your wish! :D

No promises about getting to all of these, and I don't any kind of formal timeline since I've got a few new projects coming up. But in between, I'd love some short and smutty things to play with!

Please leave a comment below with:

    1. Your favorite 50 Reasons Ficlet -- Because I'm curious!

    2. A new "Reason to Have Sex" or a current 50 reasons ficlet you'd like expanded

    3. A few likes/dislikes -- No promises they'll make it into the fic, but I'll do my best to accommodate!

    4. If commenting anonymously, your AO3 username/name you use to comment on AO3

    5. *optional* Your birthday!

Comments are screened and I've got anonymous commenting enabled, because I know not everybody has an account here. But since I see these as gift!fics and a way to thank all of the awesome people who've read and commented on my series, I'd prefer not to take completely anonymous prompts. Plus, if you have an AO3 account, I'll be sure to officially gift you the fic. :)

Thank you all so much for reading and kudos-ing, commenting and reccing. I never imagined I'd ever write fanfic when I first got into fandom, and now I can't imagine ever stopping. A HUGE reason for that is the amazing response and support I've received from this awesome community, and I am incredibly grateful.
Tags: 50 reasons to have sex, fandom: harry potter, pairing: draco/harry, prompts

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