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October Harry Potter Recs

Not too many HP recs this month, as pretty much all of my spare reading time has been dedicated to hd_fan_fair (which has been fabulous, and I can't wait till reveals so I can post my recs!). But here are some of the other fics I enjoyed this month!

[Next Gen!]Title: Red Light, Yellow Light, Green (Part two in the Blame it on the Moon Series)
Author: shiftylinguini
Pairing(s): James Sirius/Teddy, background Draco/Harry, implications of Albus Severus/Scorpius
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 31,876
Content/Warnings: A/B/O dynamics, creature!fic, werewolf!teddy, werewolf!james, implied bottom!james, alpha!Teddy, intercrural sex, dirty talk
Summary: Set before Lunacy, and based on the weekend Teddy finally realised James was giving him a green light—even if James wasn't entirely aware he was doing it.
I fucking adored the first fic in this series, Lunacy, and this prequel is just as amazing as the first! The dynamics and banter between Teddy and James Sirius are just fabulous, and the build up throughout the fic, the way their relationship slowly evolves and changes over the course of this one night, until it's so natural, inevitable, that they would finally come together is just gorgeous. Fantastic writing, and some seriously scorching hot sex!

[H/D!]Title: It's a Dirty Job
Author: fireflavored
Pairing: Draco/Harry
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 9,011
Content Notes: unusual jobs, rimming, bottom!draco
Summary: Harry Potter wakes up after a night of debauchery to discover that he has a new employee.
Read this ages ago in my lurker days and it was just as fun as I remembered! Draco is completely amazing as a magical chimney sweep (it's a respectable job, really!) who keeps flirting with Harry and winding him up in regards to what Harry may have said/did the previous night when he hired Draco--because, of course, Harry was black-out drunk and can't remember a thing. It's funny and sexy and a very enjoyable read. :)

Title: Impervius
Author: ravenclawsquill
Pairing: Draco/Harry
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: ~11,000
Content/Warnings: rimming, cursebreaker!draco, auror!harry, bottom!draco, hp_drizzle 2016
Summary: Harry and Draco are working together on a case in the beautiful English Lake District. Or, it would be beautiful if only it would stop raining. Fortunately, Harry has an umbrella. Unfortunately, it's pink and frilly, and Draco would rather die than share it with him.
Featuring a cursed cave, endless bickering and a pesky flock of sheep.
Wonderfully written fic with Draco and Harry having to work together in a remote location, and of course, there's all sorts of delightful tension. Draco is great as the prickly, profession Cursebreaker, and I thought Harry's voice was really great. Fun read, with some hot sex at the end. :D
Tags: fandom: harry potter, pairing type: next gen, pairing type: slash, pairing: draco/harry, pairing: james sirius/teddy, rec: fic

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