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HP Next Gen Fest -- Posting NOW!

hp_nextgen_fest is about to start its final week of posting, and we've had some really amazing stuff! Comments and recs have been a little down this year, and I know everybody has a lot on their plate, but if you have some spare time and you like next gen works, I highly recommend checking the fest out!

come join hp_nextgen_fest!

Art by thiliart, Banner by capitu

Obsessed with Albus Severus/Scorpius? You're in luck! We have gorgeous art. We have long!fic. We have short!fic. And more is coming this week!

James Sirius/Teddy more your speed? Check out this longer coming out fic, or this shorter smutty fic. Or, if you're feeling adventurous, this amazingly hot fic with some bonus James Sirius/Oliver Wood!

Cross-gen your preference? Why not read this gorgeous Albus Severus/Blaise fic or take a gander at this stunning Rose/Blaise fanart!

Not feeling the slash? We've got tons of gen fic too! Like this adorable Hugo-centric piece, or this longer Rose & Scorpius fic.

The point being, if you enjoy Harry Potter next gen, there is sure to be something over at hp_nextgen_fest for you! There are a ton more pairings over there for you to enjoy and I highly recommended heading over and taking a peek!
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