wicked smut goddess (gracerene) wrote,
wicked smut goddess

Drabble: Six Times (Dominique/Victoire, PG-13)

Title: Six Times
Author: gracerene
Pairing: Dominique/Victoire, mentions of past Victoire/Teddy, Dominique/Scorpius, and Dominique/OFC
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 100
Challenge: Prompt 106: Sibling Rivalry for hp_nextgen100
Author's Note: Unbeta'd

"Three times. With Teddy," Victoire said as she threw back a shot, the challenge in her voice unmistakable.

"Five times," Dominque replied with a wicked grin.

Victoire's eyes widened. "In one hour? Impressive. With Scorpius?"

Dominique snorted. "Hardly. He was alright, but I think he's better with cock. It was with Bernadette—she was a Ravenclaw in my year at Hogwarts. Merlin, her mouth was incredible."

Victoire threw back another shot before prowling closer. Dominique shivered at the predatory gleam in her eye.

"Bet I can get you to six."

Lust and anticipation shot through Dominique. She grinned.

"You're on."
Tags: comm: hp_nextgen100, kink: incest, my fanfic, no repost, pairing type: femslash, pairing type: next gen, pairing: dominique/victoire, rating: pg-13

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