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For nia_kantorka: Because He Looks Like Your Superhot Cousin, Part II (Draco/Harry, NC-17)

Title: Because He Looks Like Your Superhot Cousin, Part II
Author: gracerene
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Draco/Harry
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: ~2,650
Content/Warnings: established relationship, temporarily-a-girl!Harry, vaginal fingering, vaginal sex, dirty talk, talk of pegging, implied switching
Summary: Wherein temporarily-a-girl!Harry gets fucked.
Notes: A year and a half ago I gifted the lovely nia_kantorka some Harry-is-temporarily-a-girl porn for her birthday. However, I was very wicked (aka, my muse decided to abandon me for a month) and I ended the ficlet before Harry and Draco got to the main event. So, darling Nia, I hope you accept this little porny continuation of that ficlet for your half birthday, only a year and a half late! <3

Thanks to capitu & candamira for looking this over for me! <3

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"How do you want to do it?" Harry asked against Draco's lips. His heart, which had just began to slow after his spectacular orgasm, was beginning to beat fiercely, pumping blood and adrenaline through his veins in nervous anticipation.

It wasn't as if Draco had never fucked him before, but Harry hadn't been a girl then, and that changed things. Even kissing like they were now, melded up against each other, was a novel experience. Harry loved to press close when they kissed, their flat chests plastered together as close as they could get, but that wasn't quite possible with his new form. Harry's breasts (his breasts!) kept getting in the way, the soft mounds of flesh squishing between them. His sensitive nipples rubbed against the fabric of Draco's shirt, and the scratchy sensation sent little bolts of pleasure shooting to his groin. God, he was still so shaky all over, and he was sure there was going to be a wet spot beneath where he was sitting on the sheets. He felt so slick and open, and he couldn't help but shiver as he imagined how easy it would be for Draco to slide right inside.

"I should probably take my clothes off first, hmm?" Draco grinned as he pulled back and stepped off the bed. Harry tried not to whine with the loss. Draco's eyes trailed over him hungrily, and Harry let his own eyes smolder back as need burned hot and bright in his belly. It didn't take Draco long to strip, his clothes melting away to reveal pale, firm flesh. Harry's mouth watered as Draco's large, familiar erection bobbed free of his pants. He squirmed as a sudden ache made itself known between his thighs, a pulsing throb of desire shuddering through him as his body made it perfectly clear what it wanted from Draco.

Naked, Draco crawled up onto the bed, prowling closer until Harry was leaning back against the mattress. Draco seemed to loom over him, large and hard and impressive. It made Harry's stomach flip.

"I think I want you on your back. I want to see your face when I slide inside your cunt."

Harry's face flooded with colour, even as his legs fell open, begging for Draco to make himself comfortable between Harry's spread thighs. God, how could Draco talk like that, about his, about Harry's…Merlin, Harry couldn't even think it, it was too bizarre. Though Harry had to admit it was kind of hot how collected and confident Draco still was. He hadn't batted an eyelash over Harry's new form, just pressed him to the bed and ate him out like it was any other Tuesday. The memory of Draco's mouth on him made Harry's skin tingle. Draco's thumbs rubbed delicious circles against the sensitive cradle of Harry's hips, and when Harry looked up at him, his eyes seemed to burn like coal. Harry swallowed and willed those fingers lower, wanting Draco to light him up.

Draco didn't move, just stayed like that, staring at Harry and rubbing teasing circles that just barely brushed against the very edge of Harry's pubic hair. Harry's chest was tight with anticipation, and little flickers of pleasure shot through him whenever one of Draco's fingers caught against the sensitive follicles. It was glorious and maddening but it wasn't nearly enough. Harry could see the smugness lingering at the edges of Draco's smile, and suddenly he'd had it. If Draco didn't want to give Harry what he wanted, he'd take it for himself.

He reached down and grabbed Draco's hand, stilling those maddening fingers before guiding them lower, until they glided over his folds. Harry stroked himself with Draco's fingers, moving through his slick and shivering at the feel of Draco's fingertips against his sensitive skin. Draco let Harry control him, let Harry use those fingers to stroke himself and explore. Harry bit his lip when he found that glorious bundle of nerve endings, and he began to rock, pressing down with Draco's fingers and arching up with his hips.

Draco's control snapped. He growled, and the fingers pressed against Harry's clit began moving with skill and intent. Harry gasped, gripping Draco's rotating wrist as an overwhelming wave of sensation welled up inside of him. It built and built, and just when Harry thought the wall holding it all back would finally burst, Draco stopped, his fingers sliding away and leaving Harry bereft.

"What? No, come back!" Harry whined. He could feel his orgasm slipping away from him, leaving him keyed up and unsatisfied.

Draco laughed. "Don't worry, Harry, I'll take care of you." His voice was smoky and low, and that particular tone of his never failed to make Harry's knees go weak. Luckily he was already lying down. "I thought it was time for us to move to the main event," Draco continued, his fingers tracing between the slick apex of Harry's thighs, the pressure increasing until one of them found its target and slid all the way inside. There was that warm sense of being filled again, Draco's finger almost scratching that itch deep inside Harry. It felt good, and Harry's hips tilted up, opening himself more fully, but it still wasn't enough. Harry wanted more.

"Come on, Draco, I'm ready. I want you to fuck me."

Draco's finger curled and suddenly liquid heat was spilling through Harry, lighting up his blood and firing up his pulse. It was all he could manage just to writhe against Draco, his mouth open on a desperate panting whine. Draco's grin was all teeth.

"Salazar, you look good enough to eat. I don't think I'll ever get tired of watching you ride my fingers, I don't care what you look like."

"How do you feel about watching me ride your dick? Because I'm—oh—getting a little impatient over here." Harry's entire body was knotted tight with tension. He just wanted Draco inside of him, sating the aching hunger that had taken up low in Harry's belly and spiraled out through his body.

"Tempting as that image is, I think I quite like you where you are." Draco grinned as he reached for his wand with his free hand. "Maybe next time."

"Next time?"

"Hermione did say it would be a few days until they confirmed the exact spell variation used and which counterspell they'd need to switch you back." Draco cast a quick charm before tossing his wand onto the bedside table with a clatter. His eyes fairly sparkled down at Harry. "There's a lot we can get up to in a few days."

Harry's blood went molten, both from all the possibilities and the sight of Draco between his legs, stroking his thick cock with purpose.

"Wait—uh." Harry's mind went fuzzy, the want making it hard to think straight. His thought processes were delayed, and he'd only just now caught up to the fact that Draco had been using his wand, and he wasn't sure what for. It wasn't for lube, because, as the wetness smeared on his thighs could attest to, they didn't currently need it. "What did you need your wand for?"

"Contraceptive charm."

"But...err...I'm a boy."

"Yes, usually. But not currently. Currently your body parts are quite explicitly female. I don't know about you, but I'm not exactly eager to find out first hand if that extends to the ability to get pregnant."

Harry blanched. Oh God, surely that wasn't possible was it? Maybe this wasn't such a good idea afterall.

"Don't worry, I cast all the necessary charms," Draco soothed as he nudged closer. The head of his prick slid right up against where Harry was wet and warm. Harry's legs spasmed as the fat tip circled his clit and sent pleasure like electric shocks shooting through him. "Everything will be fine."

"Yeah," Harry breathed. "Fine, great, fantastic. Just get in me already, God."

Draco shifted his hips, adjusted his angle, and then he was there, pressing against Harry and sliding inside of him in a head-spinning rush. Fuck, Harry felt so full, but it was different from when Draco fucked his arse. The grip was still tight, but it was more yielding, his body relaxing more easily to accommodate Draco's girth. Instinctively, he spread his legs open wider, and the movement pressed Draco even deeper, making them both moan.

"Go on, then," Harry gasped out. "Show me what you've got."

Draco eyes flashed with the challenge, and he pulled out before plunging back in. Fuck it felt so good, so strange. The novelty of it blended with the faint aching stretch and the pure pleasurable fullness until it was almost hard to breath with it all. Draco fucked him steady and deep, his hands digging hard into the extra padding of Harry's bum. Harry tried to rock with him, but the strange angle made it difficult. Their bodies fit together differently than when Draco fucked him on his back as a man, as if they were engaged in a familiar dance, but Harry was half a step behind. The combination of Harry's changed center of balance and the slightly off tilt of Draco's pelvis as he slammed into Harry's cunt instead of his arse made it difficult for him to catch his bearings. It was frustrating, but certainly not bad, especially when Draco leaned down to kiss Harry, bringing their bodies more fully into contact.

Draco's hips continued pumping as they traded messy kisses. His body was a furnace pressed up against Harry, and even though Harry had seen him naked dozens of times, the differences in their physiques now made Draco's own form seem brand new. The softness of Harry's hips and thighs and stomach made Harry all the more aware of Draco's compact muscles and lean strength. Harry ran his hands over his firm back and tight arse, and the feel of him drove Harry wild. It didn't hurt matters that the change in angle meant that the hard press of Draco's pelvis was now rubbing against Harry's clit with every stroke.

One of Draco's hands slid up Harry's side to cup his breast, and oh, oh, he'd forgotten about his rounded chest for a moment, but there was no forgetting about it now. Draco's fingers twisted and pinched Harry's nipples, and Harry arched into the sensation. He pushed his chest up, wordlessly asking for more, and Draco complied.

He could feel the heavy build of his orgasm coiling hot beneath his skin, sending tingles of anticipation dancing across his skin. Harry knew he was panting and gasping and moaning, high-pitched, feminine sounds that he could scarcely believe were coming from his throat. But he couldn't help it. Not when Draco's cock was thrusting inside him, and his groin was grinding against Harry's clit, and his lips were moving across Harry's throat while his fingers played with Harry's breasts. It was all so much, too much.

Harry came for the second time that night, his orgasm tingling through his veins like lightning, leaving heat and pleasure in its wake. Draco continued to thrust, and the motions sent aftershocks spiraling through Harry, his whole body tensing and releasing around Draco's cock.

"You close?" Harry managed to moan out between pants. Draco's face was screwed up in concentration, cheeks flushed and mouth open as his hips began to fuck in harder, faster. He groaned when he came, his voice low and loud against Harry's ear as his hips stilled, his cock buried deep.

He eased out a moment later, and though Harry registered the loss, the sensation wasn't as intense as he was used to. He didn't feel quite so empty and open as he did when Draco slid out of his arse, and even the slight twinge of an ache had a different, almost softer quality to it. Still, he felt brilliant, fucked out and flush with endorphins, his body still riding his euphoric orgasm high.

"How do you feel?" Draco asked, propping himself up next to Harry on the bed and rubbing a hand gently over Harry's side and across his stomach.

"Hmm, good. Tired."

"Feeling a little less freaked out about your temporary transformation?"

Harry snorted. "I still miss my dick, but I suppose being a girl hasn't been all bad."


"Nope." Harry grinned lazily over at Draco. The recent turn of events had opened Harry's eyes to the many wonderful possibilities this curse had opened up to him. "Like you said, I still have a couple more days in this body, and I definitely wouldn't be opposed to a little more...experimentation."

"Give me a couple of hours and I'll be happy to try whatever you want."



"Excellent!" Harry flashed Draco a wicked smile, mind already racing. "Ginny was telling me about this strap-on that Luna likes to use. Apparently it's got some pretty...stimulating charms placed on it." He'd been genuinely distressed at the thought of never being able to fuck Draco again, and he couldn't believe it had taken him so long to think of a strap-on. Truth be told, he was curious to see what it was like, if those spells for mimicking sensation were as good as they claimed.

Harry rolled over until he was on top of Draco, feeling strangely small and soft against Draco. It was still disconcerting, but he didn't mind it as much as he had a few hours ago. "I want to fuck you with it."

Draco's eyes darkened with lust, though he covered it up with a wrinkle of his nose. "I'm not letting you peg me with somebody else's strap-on."

Harry rolled his eyes. "Don't be daft. Obviously I'd buy a new one. A big one, since you're such a size queen." Harry slid his slim fingers through Draco's, pinning his hands up by his head. "I'll have to prepare you for it, open you up with tongue—I know how much you like that. My fingers are smaller now, I wonder how many you can take before you're begging me for it." Draco's eyes were all pupil, and his soft cock made a half-hearted attempt to harden against Harry's thigh. "Yeah, I'll give it to you so good. You want that, don't you? Want to feel my tits against your back as I fuck you through the mattress."

"Nghh," Draco whimpered, before reaching up and pulling Harry down for a rough kiss. His hands slid across Harry's back to squeeze his bum, and Harry rocked against Draco's hairy thigh. The rasp of his skin against Harry's oversensitive clit sent a pained wave of pleasure prickling over him, and he gingerly lifted himself up--though not before filing the possibility away for later experimentation. The thought of riding Draco's thigh until he came was oddly arousing, but he wasn't sure he was quite up for another round just yet.

A sudden pulse of exhaustion went through him, and Draco, observant as he was, noticed its effect immediately. "You've had a long day, haven't you? Why don't we get some rest. We can talk more about you fucking me in the morning."

Harry grinned as he buried his face in his pillow. He was still aware of his body and his limbs in a way he'd never been before, but he was beginning to settle into his foreign body. Already he was managing not to completely freak out every time he looked down and saw breasts where there used to be a flat chest. Sex with Draco had definitely helped, though he'd long suspected that there were few ills a good hard shag with Draco couldn't solve. Thinking of shagging...Harry was going to owl Luna first thing when he woke and ask where she'd purchased her strap-on. He had big plans.

Harry had a few more days in this body, and now that he'd stopped moping, he was determined to make the most of it.

Tags: 50 reasons to have sex, established relationship, fandom: harry potter, kink: dirty talk, my fanfic, no repost, pairing type: slash, pairing: draco/harry, rating: nc-17, trope: genderbending/genderswap

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