wicked smut goddess (gracerene) wrote,
wicked smut goddess

Drabble: 'Tis the Season for Giving (Dominique/James, NC-17)

Title: 'Tis the Season for Giving
Author: gracerene
Pairing: Dominique/James
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 100
Challenge: Prompt 107: 'Tis the Season to... for hp_nextgen100
Author's Note: Unbeta'd

"Oh, oh, OH!" Dominique half-moaned, half-screamed. She was so bloody close, was going to tip over the edge as long as he kept— "James."

Pleasure exploded through her, setting her entire body alight. She melted into the bed as the afterglow settled over her in delicious little shivers.

"Now that was certainly something." Dominique sighed.

James looked up from between her spread legs and grinned cheekily. "Well, you know, 'Tis the season for giving and all that."

Dominique rubbed her foot against against James's prominent bulge. "Looks like you have something else to give me."

James's eyes flashed. "My pleasure."
Tags: comm: hp_nextgen100, fandom: harry potter, kink: cunnilingus, my fanfic, no repost, pairing type: het, pairing type: next gen, pairing: dominique/james, rating: nc-17

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