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11 January 2017 @ 06:40 pm
Writing Accountability - Day 11  
By now some of you may have noticed I stopped doing the Snowflake Challenge. I really love it, but with my daily accountability posts this month, I didn't really need an incentive to post daily. Beyond that, I don't really have the extra time/energy to devote to the daily challenges fully, and I was feeling sort of guilty about only half-assing them. But it's been wonderful seeing them all on my feed! I'm bummed that with work picking up, and trying to write so much, I haven't been able to comment on as many of your posts as I'd like.

Anyway, as expected, I had my worst writing day yet yesterday. I'm annoyed at falling behind schedule, but I'm giving myself a pass, because between getting home later than usual due to my annual eye exam, and then having my eyes dilated and unable to really focus on my bright computer screen, it really was unavoidable. I did manage a few words though, so I'm glad it wasn't a totally dead day. But I'll have to try and pick up the slack over the next few days to bring me back on track.

As usual, I'm about to head into hd_writers srsbzns Chatzy chat room, if anybody is around and wants to join me for some sprints. I should be there for a few hours!

Total Monthly Goal: 50,000
New Words Written: 287
Total Words So Far: 14,835

Monthly Goals: draft & finish gift!fic, claim & write fic for hp_kinkfest, Auror Training Fic!
Projects Worked On: gift!fic + worked through beta edits/pre-posted other gift!ficlet

I'd love to hear how y'all are doing with your writing endeavors as well, so please feel free to comment on this post and any future posts with your writing progress!