wicked smut goddess (gracerene) wrote,
wicked smut goddess

HP Unfaihful Valentine's Comment Fest!!

One of my favorite parts of fandom in the new year, is the return of fests and prompting! Generally speaking, prompting for the year's fests ends around September/October, and then there tends to be a bit of a break until January rolls around. Which totally makes sense, but I do love prompting at the creativity and excitement it can general and inspire! That being said, I wanted to pimp a new Valentine's comment fest for hp_unfaithful! If you like infidelity!fic at all, I totally recommend checking it out, and maybe leaving a prompt or two, or perhaps even claiming. Infidelity is really iffy for me, in that I generally don't love it in long!fic with lots of emotional fallout, but I totally love it in short, smutty, kinky fic with all the forbidden dirtyhotwrong feels. Hoping to find just such a prompt to bang out over the next few weeks, so the more on offer the better! Go check it out! :D

(Banner by akatnamedeaster)
Tags: fest: hp_unfaithful, promote

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