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HP Golden Age Recs

The masterlist for hp_goldenage went up yesterday, and I figured I'd rec some of my favorites from the fest. It's not a huge fest by any means, but I like that it makes things a bit more manageable. The quality is excellent and there are a number of different ratings and pairings to pick through. I'm just reccing a couple of my absolute favorites, but I really recommend checking out the masterlist for more amazing works. It really is a wonderful fest. :D

[Recs!]Title: Inevitable
Author: llaeyro
Pairing(s): Harry/Ron, past Ron/OCs, Ron/Hermione, and Harry/Ginny
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: ~4,000
Content/Warnings: Auror Harry, *my prompt, hp_goldenage 2017
Summary: "Ever since their divorces, Harry and Ron have been closer than ever. Really, really, close."
Such an enjoyable read! I loved seeing Harry and Ron's relationship as older men, and how an evolution in that relationship would affect them both. A lot of wonderful details here and just a really great fic.

Title: Settle
Author: mindabbles
Pairing(s): James Sirius Potter/Teddy Lupin, minor James/OMCs and past Teddy/Victoire
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: ~9,300
Content/Warnings: dirty talk, Auror Teddy, Cursebreaker James, implied switching, hp_goldenage 2017
Summary: James has never wanted to settle down – or maybe he’s never wanted to settle.
Oh my goodness, this fic is just fantastic! You don't often get to see the HP Next Gen as older men/women, which made this fic an extra delight. James was wonderfully characterized here, and I loved seeing how deep his and Teddy's relationship was after decades of friendship. It really added an extra layer to things when the got together, and the whole thing was a complete delight!

Title: Night Changes
Author: writcraft
Pairings: Draco/Harry, Harry/Ginny, brief Harry/OMC
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: ~10,600
Content/Warnings: first time, desk!sex, bottom!harry, bottom!draco, switching, rimming, auror!harry, hp_goldenage 2017
Summary: Draco and Harry have spent years dancing around one another, but Potter’s straight and married. Until one day he isn’t.
Really gorgeous fic with a fantastically characterized Harry and Draco. I love how the tension between them remains so present through decades of Harry's marriage and his inability to really understand what he wants. When they finally do come together it's hot and passionate and just fantastic.
Tags: fandom: harry potter, fest: hp_goldenage, pairing type: next gen, pairing type: slash, pairing: draco/harry, pairing: harry/ron, pairing: james sirius/teddy, rec: fic

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