wicked smut goddess (gracerene) wrote,
wicked smut goddess

decisions, decisions

This is an FYI to let y'all know that I plan on switching to Dreamwidth as my main base of operations. I will still cross-post things to livejournal, and I will still check my f-list here and comment etc. But I will also be checking the Dreamwidth feed, and I'll be trying to comment and interact more and more over there.

Still TBD on how I'm planning to utilize LJ and DW together. I schedule about 95% of my posts, and the fact that you can't schedule posts over at dreamwidth is currently a dealbreaker for making a more complete switch. But as much as possible, I'll be posting over there first.

Where you can find me:

Dreamwidth: gracerene
Livejournal: gracerene
InsaneJournal: gracerene
Tumblr: favicongracerene09
AO3: favicongracerene
Twitter: gracerene09
Tags: fandom, personal

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