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According to goodreads, I've read about 300 m/m romances now (jfc, grace, really??) and I thought I'd do a post reccing some of my favorites for those of you who might be looking for reads. I adore all of these books and highly recommend! In no particular order:

Grace's Top 15 M/M Romances
  1. Kick at the Darkness Series (2 Books) by Keira Andrews
    This appealed to the fanfic trope lover in me. Werewolves? Zombie Apocalypse? Forced Proximity? Enemies to lovers? This book has it all. This will definitely appeal to any Teen Wolf Sterek fans--and the author actually used to write Sterek fanfic! Sexy and fun.

  2. Gay Amish Romance Series (3 Books) by Keira Andrews
    The series title is sort of cliche and lame sounding, but I promise this series is anything but. This is a serious, sweet, sexy, moving story about two Amish boys finding themselves and each other and learning what it means to be who they are inside. It's clear that the author put a lot of thought and research into this one, and the themes here are handled really respectfully.

  3. Him Series (2 Books) by Sarina Bowen
    I really enjoy sports-related m/m romances and this series is great! This one has hockey (always a favorite) and the writing and tension between the main characters is glorious.

  4. Psycop Series (8 Books) by Jordan Castillo Price
    Supernatural series and a bit grittier than some of my other favorites. This definitely has a very urban-fantasy a la The Dresden Files feel to it, and I really love both the characters and the world created here. I haven't read the most recent addition to the series (the first from a different POV/not about the primary couple in the series) but it's on my list!

  5. A Charm of Magpies Series (3 Books) by K.J. Charles
    Historical paranormal--what more would you want? Charles is a brilliant writer, and she really knows how to immerse you in the past. The connection between the characters jumps off the page, and I only wish there were more! Luckily she's written a couple of off-shoot books in this verse, so you get to see these characters again.

  6. Glasgow Lads Series (~6 books) by Avery Cockburn
    I seriously adore this series. There are about 3 full novels, and 3 other shorter novellas, all covering different couples. They're all linked through a gay football/soccer team based in Scotland, and the books are sexy, entertaining, and thoughtful. They are very thoroughly Scottish, and I really enjoyed the immersive experience of seeing how Scottish politics and culture come out in the various relationships.

  7. Cyberlove Series (4 Books) by Megan Erickson & Santino Hassel
    I don't read many collabs, but this one is just brilliant! I love the premise of boys and technology, and the different ways it's applied are all so fun and clever. My absolute favorite is book #2, and book #3 felt a little weak for me, but overall this series is fun and sexy and wonderfully written.

  8. Tyack & Frayne Series (7 Books) by Harper Fox
    A very different kind of series. It's a bit quieter, a bit more everyday, but the writing here is beautiful. It has mystery and elements of the supernatural, and watching the relationship between these two build and grow with each book is really lovely. Book #7 started to go a bit wide for me, so I'm a little unsure about the rest of the series, but I'm not giving up on it yet!

  9. For Real by Alexis Hall
    One of the few books on the list that isn't a series! This depicts a BDSM relationship with a younger/inexperienced Dom and an older/experienced sub and goes about it in a really meaningful, thoughtful, beautifully real way. There's plenty of hot sex, don't get me wrong, but the way the author plays with dynamics is quite masterful.

  10. Five Boroughs Series (5 Books) by Santino Hassel
    This series! Just brilliant. Sexy and real and unafraid, I just adore everything about this series. The books cover different (but tangentially related) couples, and I love how this author talks about issues of race, mental illness, socio-economic status, sexuality etc. in such a very real, meaningful, thoughtful way. Plus the sex is just unbelievably hot.

  11. Bear, Otter, and the Kid Series (3 Books) by T.J. Klune
    This author can be a bit hit or miss for me, I must admit, but I adore this series. The writing style can be a bit chaotic and hard to follow, as it gets a bit stream-of-consiousness, but I found it charming. I loved the characters here and the whole series gave me so many chest feels. Book #3 follows a different couple, and there's a fourth book on the way that I believe goes back to the original pairing and I am super excited for it.

  12. All's Fair Series (3 Books) by Josh Lanyon
    Law enforcement/FBI books are definitely a thing for me, partially because I've always loved a good mystery! These books are engaging and sexy and so much fun. The sexual dynamics are seriously my jam here. :)

  13. Stranger on the Shore by Josh Lanyon
    I think this is probably my favorite stand-alone Lanyon book. In fact, I love it so much, it inspired this Jeddy fanfic. But I digress. Really unique plot, and the writing here is lush and fabulous.

  14. Middle of Somewhere Series (3 Books) by Roan Parrish
    First, I want to say that there are 3 books in this series, but the rec is really just for the first two, as I haven't read the third yet. That being said, I love these books. The writing is wonderful, the sex seriously sizzles, and the relationships are lovely and real and just fabulous. Parrish is one of my auto-buy authors, and she actually has begun a side-series with characters from this universe that include m/f and m/m pairings that is also excellent.

  15. Captive Prince Series (3 Books) by C.S. Pacat
    Everybody and their mother has recced this series, but that's probably because it's awesome. There are definitely some potentially squicky things here, abuse and murder and dub-con and slave!fic, but it's written so well and handled so deftly that I really do recommend. The conclusion was shockingly satisfying, and though I have a few minor quibbles (mostly about the sexual dynamics which don't seem to be shared by like, anybody else) I really enjoyed a lot.

BONUS: Grace's Top five auto-buy authors!

  1. Keira Andrews: sexy, fun, lovely relationship dynamics balanced with just the right amount of tension.

  2. K.J. Charles: superbly researched historicals.

  3. Santino Hassel: excellent integration of real life social/economic/political issues.

  4. Josh Lanyon: creative story lines with a good balance of romance and plot.

  5. Roan Parrish: wonderfully real and developed characters, beautiful relationships.

So there you go! A couple of my most favorite books and authors in the m/m romance space. Have any of you all read any of these books/authors? If so, what did you think? What are your favorites? Feel free to let me know! I'm always looking for recs. :D

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