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17 August 2017 @ 01:46 pm
Claiming is OPEN at HP Next Gen Fest!  
Lovely flisters! Did you that claiming is open over at hp_nextgen_fest? I love this fest SO MUCH as there were a ton of fabulous prompts this year with oodles of variety. Slash, femslash, het, gen, threesomes+, cross-gen...We've got it all! If you're a fan of the Harry Potter Next Gen characters, you should definitely check out the prompts and see if anything appeals!

come join hp_nextgen_fest!

Art by [community profile] thiliart, Banner by [personal profile] capitu


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Kittykitty_fic on August 20th, 2017 08:55 am (UTC)
ooh there is a prompt that is super tempting me!
wicked smut goddessgracerene on August 20th, 2017 07:53 pm (UTC)
Ooooo, you should claim it!! The fest is super low stress and there's only a 1k WC minimum...